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I Am A Tiger

Karl Newson & Ross Collins

Karl Newson & Ross Collins

I Am A Tiger

A small, bold and cheeky mouse with very big ideas declares “I am a tiger” and manages to convince a raccoon, a fox, a snake and a bird not only that this is true, but that they are not what they think they are.

When a real tiger turns up, can the persuasive and fearless little rodent manage to persuade the tiger that he is a mouse?!

I Am A Tiger is a Silly Squad recommended read!

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Join in the mischievous mouse fun with these activity sheets from Macmillan.

CLICK HERE to download the I Am A Tiger colouring sheet and spot the difference activities.

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Silly Squad member General Jiminy Hedgehog said:
“I really like the mouse in the book, he is really funny.”

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