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Al's Awesome Science: Busy Bodies!

Jane Clarke & James Brown

Jane Clarke & James Brown

Al’s Awesome Science: Busy Bodies!

Al is researching the effects of time travelling in a time machine on his body. Trouble is, it’s hard to experiment without any mess…especially when the Goods’ cat Precious is in the same house as Al’s naughty dog Einstein.

This instalment in the Al’s Awesome Science series is packed with super fun experiments about digestion, nutrition, facts about the body, balance and space travel.

Al’s Awesome Science: Busy Bodies is a Silly Squad recommended read!

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Download Al’s awesome science notes and try his experiments at home!

CLICK HERE to download the experiments and a special notebook page to keep track of your findings

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Silly Squad member Officer Iguana Bumblebee said:
“It was very interesting and fun, I really liked Al. I would recommend it to people who are interested in science”

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