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Peter Bunzl


  • Animal Tales - bundles of fur, fluff and fun

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5 out 5


an amazing future of mechs and tech, an unforgettable story, this one won't stay on the shelf for long.....

Anonymous 24.01.2018

Star_reviewer_star Star Reviewer

It was very good anomy favourite character is lily

Lady Bernice Frozen-Peas 11.01.2020

Lily’s father is missing. With her friends- Robert and Malkin, Lily is plunged into a murky world. A beautiful adventure book.

Doctor Agnetha Yo-yo 07.01.2020

I thought it was a very good book

Inspector Cello Teacup 25.11.2019

Amazing. Adventure, Sad, Animals- 3 words to describe it!

Madam Gloriana Yo-yo 24.10.2019

A wonderful adventure about excepting out who you are.

Fairy Esmerelda Biscuits 20.08.2019

My favourite character was Lily and I would definitely recommend this book to other people

Coach Aphrodite Ridiculous 16.08.2019

A threatening life about machanicals.. I found it scary but interesting.

Fairy Kangaroo Teacup 02.08.2019

It was a cliffhanger! There was always a twist so you never knew what was going to happen next.

Anonymous 29.07.2019

I would recommend it to people who like mechanical technology and adventures. My favourite characters were Lily and Robert. It interested me with all mechanics.

Marshal Slip Astronomical 05.01.2019

I loved this book! If you like adventure and mystery this is the book for you!

Anonymous 11.12.2018

It may have taken me long to read but it sure was worth it. It was full of lots of adventure and i would love to read moonlocket. so many mysteries were unfolding and it was so intense , worth the read.

Empress Blueberry Bacon-slicer 23.09.2018

thrilling story that will leave you wanting more!

Anonymous 03.09.2018

This was a brilliant book. Although it was fiction, it was alive for me. The power in it was incredible. Lilly was my favourite character, but Malkin the fox was a very protective character, as was Robert. Lilly's life was in mortal danger, and she was being stalked by silver eyed men, but what could they want from her? She discovers the world she is in is dangerous and menacing, she meets on her way mechanicals, Robert: a kind boy and an eccentric pilot. I would recommend this book to adults and children who like scary, exciting mystery stories with an intriguing ending...

General Sapphire Submarine 21.08.2018

Slow start but picked up speed. 9 - 14 year olds

Queen Candyfloss Piccalilli 18.08.2018

Good mystery where you are clawed to the end

Doctor Sunny Bucket 12.08.2018

it was extremely interesting and i found really exciting the way new and different things kept happening

Fairy Mistral Waltzer 01.08.2018

This is a thrilling tale written by Peter Bunzl about a girl named Lily. Lily is a young girl who is plunged into a murky and menacing world full of 'silver eyed men.' I would recommend this book to anyone over the age of 6.

Fairy Orchid Satellite 27.07.2018

This is a good book about a girl who sets out to find her father in this book set in Victorian London. And that girl might be ticking.

Anonymous 15.02.2018

I thing people should read this because it is about a women with the cogheart its a mystery story so if your child likes mystery stories this is the one for your child.Some people like scary stories this is the one

Anonymous 19.12.2017

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