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Here at the Reading Club you can find out more about some of your favourite authors and illustrators and their lovely books.

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Peter Bunzl

Our December Author of the Month is the brilliant <b>Peter Bunzl</b>! Peter told us all about his unmissable adventure story,... Read more

Children Just Like Me

We took a trip to <b>DK</b>, where book designer Fiona and editor Sam gave us an exclusive look behind the scenes of <b>Children Just Like... Read more

Yuval Zommer

Author and illustrator <b>Yuval Zommer</b> is our October Author of the Month! Yuval gave us a special look at <b>The Big Book of Bugs</b> and... Read more

'The Worst Witch' by Jill Murphy

Commissioned by the BBC’s Learning Zone

Guy Bass

Our September author of the month is <b>Guy Bass</b>! Guy told us all about his brand new book <b>Spynosaur</b> <i>and</i> his upcoming book... Read more

Nadiya Hussain

We sat down with Nadiya Hussain to talk about her favourite books to read with her family, her delicious new book <i>Nadiya’s Bake Me a Story</i>... Read more

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