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Children Just Like Me

We took a trip to DK, where book designer Fiona and editor Sam gave us an exclusive look behind the scenes of Children Just Like Me

Fiona and Sam told us all about their jobs and the process of making a non-fiction book.
Editors, designers and the whole DK team work together to create books on practically every topic imaginable, from dinosaurs to coding!

Watch our video to discover how Children Just Like Me was made, and to hear about the special moments that happened along the way.

More about Children Just Like Me


Children Just Like Me is an amazing children’s book showing everyday life through the eyes and words of children around the world.

Offering a remarkable insight into the lives of children today all around the globe, Children Just Like Me is packed with photography of children, their friends and family, home, and school vividly illustrating different cultures, from rural farms to busy cities to river boats.

With distinctive DK design and text, using children’s own words, children will take a journey around the world to meet Children Just Like Me.

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Download the Children Just Like Me activity pack to create your own profile page just like those in the book!