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Yuval Zommer

Author and illustrator Yuval Zommer is our October Author of the Month!

Yuval gave us a special look at The Big Book of Bugs and shared some words of wisdom for aspiring writers and illustrators!

Watch our video to discover the inspiration behind The Big Book of Bugs and to hear an out-of-this-world story about some very brave ladybirds…

More about The Big Book of Bugs

Welcome to the wonderful world of bugs! Bugs live nearly everywhere on Earth, and this beautifully illustrated non-fiction book allows the young bug-spotter to get to grips with the world’s wrigglers, stingers, fliers, bombers and chirpers!

The Big Book of Bugs is arranged bug-by-bug: read about beetles, ladybirds, moths, ants, bees, dragonflies, stick insects, spiders and more! Also, learn which bugs like to come out at night, which bugs live in your garden, and which bugs even live in your house!

With beautifully detailed illustrations and funny, fact-filled language, this is the ultimate guide to our creepy-crawly world.

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