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Medusa Malarky Runner Up

Medusa Malarky Runner Up

DUN DUN DUNNNN…! We weren't expecting it, but Sarah McIntyre has chosen a winner for her Finish the Story competition AND a runner up!

Congratulations to Countess Lacey Quagmire whose ending for the Medusa Malarky tickled our Mythical Maze il… read more

9 October 2014

How to draw Timmy Failure

How to draw Timmy Failure

How to draw Timmy Failure image

The little cartoon dude above is Timmy Failure, as drawn by one of favorite writer/illustrators; Stephen Pastis.

Watch the video below to learn how to draw your very own Timmy, courtesy of Mr Pastis himself!

Why not send us your own Timm… read more

15 September 2014