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The second winner of our summer Finish the Story competitions

Posted by: Sarah McInytre

The second winner of our summer Finish the Story competitions

And the winner is…

Madam Kangaroo Nuggets!

Congratulations to Lena from Twickenham (aka Madam Kangaroo Nuggets) for writing Sarah McIntyre’s favourite ending to her Finish the Story comic.

Check out Sarah’s story starter, and then read the winning ending below.

(click images to enlarge!)

“The giant earwigs from mars to invade planet earth, of course!” replied Saul. “We certainly don’t want that to happen, do we Medusa?” Medusa looked shocked, this was the second time giant earwigs had invaded planet earth in her entire life. And it certainly was not a nice experience. Her father had saved earth last time, now it was her turn. “Well get on with it” hissed Sue, and Medusa ran to her space rocket (every normal person has a space rocket in their back garden, don’t they?). She slipped on her space suit and held her breath “3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF!!!” And they shot up into the air, whooshing past the clouds, speeding past the moon and heading for mars. “Wow! This is amazing!” shouted Sarah, who had never been inside the rocket before, “I agree!” replied Stephan. “We are going to land soon” said Medusa joyfully. And after a short wait that is exactly what they did, land on mars. “I feel sick” complained Simon. “Look out below!” And Simon vomited over all the other snakes. “Come on! We have got no time to lose!” exclaimed Medusa. So they jumped off the rocket and started looking for the giant earwigs. They searched and they searched until eventually, Sarah whispered: “They are over there”. Medusa crept up to them and shouted: “You will never get the chance to invade earth!”
“Oh yes we will” Ethan boomed back.
“You will not” replied Medusa, and immediately ran up to Ethan “Bite snakes, bite!” ordered Medusa “And do the same to the rest of them”.

10 minutes later Ethan, Edith, Emil, Elliott and Edna were all rolling round on the floor, howling with pain. “Now I must wave you all goodbye” announced Medusa. And with that, she jumped off mars, pushed the planet and it rolled off into the galaxy. “Goodbye!” Medusa and her snakes shouted “Goodbye”.

Madam Kangaroo Nuggets has won £100 worth of books, and her story will go through to the judging for the overall winner at the end of October. Here’s what Sarah had to say about the story: “I love the bit about Simon the Snake getting rocket-sick and vomiting everywhere. And the ‘Bite, snakes, bite!’ instruction is quite funny.”

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