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2,071,694 books read so far

Introducing...the Star Reviewer badge!

Introducing...the Star Reviewer badge!

If you’re a super-keen Summer Reading Challenge regular, you may have spotted a badge on your profile page called Star Reviewer

This extra special badge has been patiently waiting for its turn to be unlocked, and now we’re very excited to tell you how you can do it!

It doesn’t matter how many books you’ve read; Star Reviewer is about quality, not quantity. When you add a book to your profile, take a moment to leave a review and let other readers know what you thought.

If you write book reviews that are interesting and informative, you could find yourself being awarded the Star Reviewer badge.

The badge will show up on your profile and next to your username in Chat and on book pages.

Things to consider

It’s always helpful to hear how a book made you feel – did you enjoy it? Let us know why…
Maybe it was a funny story that made you laugh, or a touching story that really made you think.

If you didn’t enjoy a book, that’s good to know too! You might wish the author had done something differently, or maybe you found a character too annoying to stick with.

Would you recommend the book to other readers? Tell us who!
Perhaps you’ve discovered the perfect tale for fans of mystery and adventure, or maybe you’ve read a book that’s nice to share aloud with a younger friend or sibling…

And of course, be careful not to give away any big plot spoilers!

Let everyone know what makes your book a must-read!
You don’t have to write a big long essay, just tell us what you think!

That last bit is important – your review must be written by you. If we think it’s been ‘borrowed’ from somewhere else, it won’t be published. Take a peek at our website rules if you need a refresher

Have a think about what makes you choose one book over another – what would you like to know before you start reading?

Ready to write a review?

Click the button that says ‘Add a new book now’ – you’ll see it near the top of the page or on your profile

Search for your book, give it a rating, then you’re ready to review!

The Summer Reading Challenge team read all the book reviews before they’re published, so there may be a delay before you see it online. Don’t worry, it will show up!

The Star Reviewer badge is available to collect all year round, so keep rating and reviewing!

What do you think makes a brilliant book review?
Let us know in Chat!

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