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Shakespeare Week 2016

Shakespeare Week 2016

Shakespeare Week 2016 image

This week we’re celebrating the work of William Shakespeare!

  • Shakespeare lived between 1564 and 1616. More than 400 years later, he is still one of the world’s most famous storytellers
  • He wrote at least 37 plays and more than 150 sonnets and poems
  • His works have been translated into 80 languages

Shakespeare invented nearly 3,000 words and lots of phrases that we still use today…

“Knock knock! Who’s there?”

“All of a sudden”

“Catch a cold”

…are all sayings that first appeared in plays written by Shakespeare!

There are plenty of books that help bring Shakespeare’s stories to life – check out
What’s So Special About Shakespeare? by Michael Rosen and watch his brilliant video about the best Shakespearean insults!

We also love Marcia Williams’ retellings of Shakespeare’s works. You can find some of her books in our Great Reads section or use the Book Sorter to find some more suggestions!

Don’t forget to enter our amazing Shakespeare competition – you could win 8 of Marcia’s books!

What fun activities are you doing to celebrate Shakespeare Week? What new words would you add to the English language? Tell us in Chat!

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