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Pancake Day Picks

Pancake Day Picks

Tuesday 9 February is Shrove Tuesday, otherwise known as Pancake Day!

To get in the mood why not try out our pancake-themed reads:

Mystery Mob and the Great Pancake Day Race by Roger Hurn

Princess Morgana Sequins said: “It was a fun book and I love pancakes!”

Pancake the Pirate Princess by Anne Fine

Coach Agnetha Partridge said: “It’s a good book that’s very funny and full of adventure.”

The Flat Stanley Series by Jeff Brown – OK, this pick isn’t about the food – but Stanley is as flat as a pancake!

Judge Burp Dalmatian said: “Flat Stanley books are the best”

Have you read any of our pancake picks? Tell us about your favourite foodie books in chat!

Did You Know…?

The world record for the largest pancake was set in the city of Manchester in 1994. The super-sized pancake measured 15.01 metres in diameter and weighed 3 tonnes – that’s heavier than an Asian elephant! The pancake was so enormous, it had to be flipped over using a building crane!

The world record for fastest pancake flipper belongs to the Australian chef Brad Jolly – he managed an amazing 140 flips in 60 seconds!

You might not set any world records today but you can take this perfect pancake quiz! How many did you score?

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