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Celebrating National Poetry Day!

Celebrating National Poetry Day!

Thursday 6th October is National Poetry Day

As you’ve probably guessed from the name, National Poetry Day is a celebration of poetry and all things poetical.

There are loads of fun activities happening all over the place – even in Antarctica, where scientists from the British Antarctic Survey will read poetry to the only audience available for miles: the penguins!

You can visit the Chat page to share your own poem-tastic plans – if you’re feeling extra ambitious, you could even leave a message that rhymes…

One of our favourite poems is
Take a Poem by James Carter:

Why not take a poem
wherever you go?
pop it in your pocket
nobody will know

Take it to your classroom
stick it on the wall
tell them all about it
read it in the hall

Take it to the bathroom
tuck it up in bed
take the time to learn it
keep it in your head

Take it for a day trip
take it on a train
fold it as a hat
when it starts to rain

Take it to a river
fold it as a boat
pop it in the water
hope that it will float

Take it to a hilltop
fold it as a plane
throw it up skywards
time and time again

Take it to a post box
send it anywhere
out into the world with

Do you have a favourite poem? Have you written your own poetry?
Share it with everyone in Chat!

Looking for some poetry recommendations? Why not borrow these books – they’re all rhyming sensations!

Still after a poem that’ll make you grin?
Head this way and give the Book Sorter a spin!

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