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Harry Hill's Summer Reading Challenge message

Harry Hill's Summer Reading Challenge message

Hey Mischief Makers!
The amazingly funny Harry Hill has a special video message for you:

Get down to your library to sign up for the Challenge and start your summer of reading fun!

If you’ve already signed up for the Challenge, visit our Chat page and let everyone know how you’re getting on. Keep visiting your library to swap your books over and collect your next set of rewards!

You can even pick Harry’s own brilliant book, Matt Millz, to count towards your Summer Reading Challenge target

Matt Millz LOVES stand up comedy. He’s studied the best. He’s memorized all the advice. He spends hours writing new gags and thinking up crazy sketches…
So when the school run a talent contest, of course he’s going to enter.

What he doesn’t count on is:
Last minute total meltdown
His best mate pulling out zero seconds before going on
Teeny tiny Kitty Hope and her own bonkers ambitions
His stepdad’s own ‘funny’ ideas
And headmaster, Meredith Pavey, who very definitely has it in for him.

Have you read Matt Millz yet? Write a book review to share your thoughts!

Visit the Reading Club to watch our interview with Harry – can you guess who his favourite Beano character is?

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