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Our Favourite Books of 2017: Part 1

Our Favourite Books of 2017: Part 1

Lots and lots of brilliant books have been published in 2017 – here are some of our top reads from this year:



Luna Loves Library Day by Joseph Coelho and Fiona Lumbers

Luna loves library day: that’s the day she spends with her dad. Exploring the shelves they find magic, mystery and even start to mend their own history.


The Wild Fluffalump by Mwenye Hadithi and Adrienne Kennaway

One morning – at the foot of a tree on the African plain – a strange creature is found. It is fluffy and puffy. What can it be?


Oi Cat by Kes Gray and Jim Field

According to Frog …
Cats sit on gnats,
Dogs sit on logs,
Raccoons sit on macaroons,
Armadillos sit on pillows and
Chicks sit on bricks.

But wait! Cat doesn’t like sitting on gnats, they keep biting his bottom!
Will Frog and Dog help him change the rules?


We’re All Wonders by RJ Palacio

Wonder is the unforgettable story of August Pullman, an ordinary boy with an extraordinary face. Discover the Wonder message with this brilliant picture book, starring Auggie and his dog Daisy on an original adventure.


We think these books are fantastic too:

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