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Dream Adventures: Penguin Playtime, a Terrifying Temple and a Giant Banana Jackpot

Dream Adventures: Penguin Playtime, a Terrifying Temple and a Giant Banana Jackpot

Let’s dive right in to the second instalment of our Dream Adventure winning entries!

Have a read of these super stories by Viscountess Angora Taramasalata, Captain Flossy Teacup and Chief Viktor Glitterball

I would go on an adventure to the South Pole to see some penguins. I would like to join in with what penguins like to do most, including catching fish (and eating it is the best moment!), swimming, and balancing an egg on top of your feet.
And then there’s play time. I would really enjoy sliding on the ice on my tummy like the penguins. And I would like to stay there for a very long time (it might get a bit chilly). We could run away from killer whales and leopard seals. And I would love it!

- by Viscountess Angora Taramasalata, aka Beatrix from Hampton

My dream adventure would be to go on an adventure in the ancient temple. The temple would have cobras, cobwebs and mummies. I would wear a magical suit to protect my body from all of the cobras and mummies.

In the temple there would be lots of traps and things out to get me. I would be on a mission to get the missing Emerald from Ancient Egypt.
When I was walking in to the temple, I was too busy looking for traps on the walls, that I didn’t realise that there was a trapdoor underneath me!!!
I fell through and it took me down into a pool of water. At the end there was lots and lots of giant spiders!
I used my magic suit and I put the force field on so that I could run through the spiders without them getting me!

The next tunnel was full of different kinds of poisonous snakes. This time my magic suit shot out a laser which made all of the snakes disappear.
Finally I saw the magic emerald but all around it was Orange Jelly! I hate Jelly!!! I went through it using my suit to make sure none of it went in my mouth!
I grabbed the emerald, ran back as quickly as I could thought the passages and caves and I returned it to the great Castle of Egypt!

For my bravery I was given a lifetimes supply of fizzy sweets! My favourite!

The End

- by Captain Flossy Teacup, aka Poppy from Hull

I’d like to travel on a gigantic banana to an island I’d read about in the newspaper.
A few weeks earlier a pilot had flown over it and spotted what looked to be gold coins glittering in the sunshine.

I’d been experimenting with fertiliser and worked out that one kind could be used to make fruit expand to huge sizes. So I picked a fairly large banana, grabbed the fertiliser and took the bus to the beach.
Then I placed my banana on the shore and I poured the fertiliser on. It grew and grew and grew. The yellow skin bubbled and expanded and stretched. Finally I put a mast in using a piece of drift wood and tied my t shirt on as a sail.
I pushed the boat out to sea and hopped on.

During the many days I was at sea I fought with sharks from the gangster gold teeth gang, whipped the octopus o eight tails gang and my final victory was when I tied up the pincers of the karate crab gang.
All these gangs wanted to stop me from getting to the island and wanted to get the gold for themselves.
Eventually I reached the island and before me was a huge mountain of gold, as tall as many banana trees. I scooped out my banana and filled it with all the money.

I used the money to set up the ‘banana group research company’ which looked into making fruits expand to different sizes. I exported many of the bananas to poor countries where the fruit was sold but at normal banana prices. This helped many countries and the research company used the profits to begin researching how to expand sea creatures like crabs and octopi.

Unfortunately there was an accident and when too much fertiliser was used on one group of crabs it all went very badly……..

- by Chief Viktor Glitterball, aka Harry from Haslemere

Well done to our winners!

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Look out for the next set of Dream Adventure stories, coming soon…

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