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Dream Adventures: Lucy Librarian, a Fierce T-Rex and a Secret Agent Rabbit

Dream Adventures: Lucy Librarian, a Fierce T-Rex and a Secret Agent Rabbit

This summer we asked you to tell us all about your Dream Adventure for the chance to win some brill books from the Big Friendly Read collections (you can find these here and here!)

Now we can proudly present our first three winners!

Check out these adventures from General Tuesday Lanzarote, Lieutenant Snoopy Remmington and General Magnolia Biscuits

My dream adventure would be to be a Super Hero that could fly and do magic as well. I would go to the cinema and eat sweets or wait in the Library until my special sign in the sky lit up to let me know I was needed. My special sign would be a Library Book showing the letter ‘L’, as my Super Hero name is ‘Lucy Librarian’.

My job is to make sure that all people in the world are able to learn to read and have lovely books to have fun with.

My magic powers fly books around the world so that no one is left out of the BIG FRIENDLY READ. Even if you lived on the Moon.

- by General Tuesday Lanzarote aka Marney from Chelmsford

I would love to travel in my time machine called The Time Traveller 6000. I would travel to the time of the dinosaurs to meet a fierce T rex named John Roberts! We would play rock ball and eat diplodocus tail sandwiches.

- by Lieutenant Snoopy Remmington aka Oliver from Leominster

I would save the universe from ultimate destruction with my secret agent rabbit mip (agent Mipskey). We would stop some bright pink aliens from travelling back in time to destroy the galaxy which would in turn cause the death of the universe.
This would include driving a 900 year old spaceship through an incredibly tiny black hole (the smaller they are, the more deadly), riding mutant ninja donkeys and facing the giant cat queen (cats eat rabbits) but successfully saving the universe!

- by General Magnolia Biscuits aka Eva from Felixstowe

Well done to our winners!

There are lots more dream adventures to come, so keep your eyes peeled for the next set of super stories from our competition winners…

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