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How to make your own origami shapes!

Marvellous Makers


Find out how to make your very own origami rocket, finger puppets, and jumping frog!

The step-by-step videos below will show you how to make these shapes. You can also click here to download a copy of the instructions to print.

If this is your first time doing origami, we’d recommend starting with the rocket. If you’re feeling like a challenge, try making the jumping frog!

Feeling extra creative? You can decorate your finished origami however you like!

How to make your own rocket

Let’s get ready for lift off with this amazing origami rocket! Don’t forget to add your own decoration. Does your rocket have a name? Who is on board?

How to make your own finger puppets

Learn how to make a finger puppet. The best part is, you can decorate your puppet and turn it into anything you like! Will yours be an animal? A monster? …Or something else? (If you can’t decide, you could make a few!)

How to make your own jumping frog

Amaze your friends and family with this origami frog. You can even make it jump! How far can your frog go?

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