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Father Christmas Goes on Holiday

Raymond Briggs

A still rather grumpy Father Christmas decides to go on holiday. No-one needs a holiday more than Father Christmas, but where can such a well-known and easily recognized person go? France, Scotland and Las Vegas are his chosen destinations, but as Father Christmas discovers - there's nowhere like home.


I enjoyed this funny book by Raymond Briggs. I would rate it 4 stars because it had lots of funny parts when he travels abroad to the south of France, Scotland and Las Vegas. He converts his sleigh into a campervan, ran by the trusty reindeer. All sorts of mischief occurs, when any children become suspicious of this man - could he be Father Christmas? But when he gets home after his long holiday, he's already getting post from children asking for toys for Christmas! Father Christmas may be away, but he always knows when to come back in time for Christmas. I would recommend this comic book for boys and girls aged 5-9, who like comics, summer and Farther Christmas.

General Sapphire Submarine 29.07.2018

It was good but it was a little difficult for me to read the French words

Anonymous 19.08.2017

I liked the funny pictures

Anonymous 12.08.2016

sweet book about the big man himself taking a rest

Anonymous 14.07.2015

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