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Moomin and the Moonlight Adventure


Moomin and the Moonlight Adventure


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It had been raining for days in Moominvalley, but now the clouds had cleared and it was a fine day for an adventure. Moomintroll was excited - he and Snorkmaiden and Little My, Moominpappa and Moominmamma, were all going to sail to Lonely Island to look for treasure! Would they ever be able to find any treasure just by the light of the moon?



It is a fiction based on the Moomins that you can watch on tv. In this story, the moomins sail away on a boat and they go on an adventure. While they are on the adventure, Moomin got into the water and swam to get something for the other Moomin and it was a pearl. I would recommend this because it is a really good book and it is a little bit funny and I think the bit where they go fishing is great.

Senorita Rose Sunshine 31.07.2022


I really liked this book. I liked the ending when moomin found a pearl. My favourite character is snorkmaiden because I like her hair and eyelashes.

Fairy Iggy Fascination 21.08.2020


This is a fun book as they all go on a big adventure and have a big picnic. They discover a pearl. Moomintroll is my favourite character because he is so daring. It made me want to read more moomin books. I would recommend others read it too.

Mademoiselle Harmonica Glitterball 10.08.2020


I love Moomin and Little My. The illustrations are beautiful. A lovely magical adventure. The perfect read before bed.

Fairy Ursula Vegas 28.06.2020


The moon guides Moomin in finding a lovely treasure for Snorkmaiden.

Marshal Ariel Sudoku 13.03.2017

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