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Sing a Song of Bottoms!

Jeanne Willis

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4 out 5

Featuring a rhyming text, this title lets you meet bears with baggy bottoms, pigs with perky pinky ones and peacocks who love to put theirs on display.


This is so funny. They all have funny bottoms even the princess. It made me laugh when my Grandma read it to me because she kept laughing.

Marshal Pablo Buffalo 10.08.2019

It was funny because they were talking about bottoms. I would recommend it to someone else.

Queen Aphrodite Nuggets 08.08.2018

Nice and funny

Anonymous 18.11.2017

Very funny

Anonymous 10.09.2017

Funny song to read and sing.

Anonymous 01.09.2017

This is really funny

Anonymous 22.08.2017

Very funny

Anonymous 16.08.2017

Very funny and it rhymes

Anonymous 07.08.2017

This book was really funny because it said all shapes and sizes and the elephant's bottom was really squishy!

Anonymous 30.07.2017

Super funny

Anonymous 27.07.2017

Funny to read x

Anonymous 27.07.2017

My mummy and big sister helped me to read this great funny book

Anonymous 27.07.2017

Very funny and always makes me laugh.

Anonymous 22.07.2017

This book is very funny from behind.

Marshal Ariel Sudoku 15.09.2016

I liked this book!

Anonymous 13.08.2016

It was fun.

Anonymous 08.08.2016

it's a really funny book

Anonymous 29.07.2015

Because it's the best.

Anonymous 09.09.2014

'Cos it is funny!!!!!!!!!! And you can sing it.

Anonymous 02.08.2014

Because it's funny & about bottoms!

Anonymous 01.08.2014

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