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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

J. K. Rowling


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Anonymous 26.06.2014

Star_reviewer_star Star Reviewer

i love harry potter so much both the books and the movies. i like hermione the best as she is really clever and she is a really good friend i recommend for ages 9 and up as its a big book and has some diffcult words i think everyone should read the harry potter books they are amazing

Senorita Panther Mittens 24.05.2020

This book had lots of exciting tasks but was very scary for Harry and some died which was sad. I still recommend this book.

Chief Slip Desperado 18.05.2020


Queen Hopscotch Gravy 03.03.2020


Professor Birthday-cake Partridge 17.02.2020

This is a fantastic book but one bit is a bit sad

Lady Mildred Racoon 03.02.2020

i loved the book because there was a triwizard tournament but the goblet made another name come out and guess who it was... harry potter. i would recommend it to ages 9+ because it is quite scary and the book is really long and it has small words and there is no pictures.

Duchess Daisy Rubber-duck 24.12.2019

The book was good for there was a Triwizard Tournament and Harry was face to face with Voldermolt. It sounded good from the blurb for its great vocabulari the in summary.My favourite characters are HARRY,RON,HERMIONE,Krum, Cedric and Fleur.

Anonymous 21.12.2019

It's a really great book but chapters are quite long and the book is long as well. My favourite character is Hagrid. I would recommend if you like the other books for ages 12+ because there are a few hard words and it can be a little scary in places

Anonymous 21.12.2019

Harry Potter is my favourite character. I like best about this book that Harry Potter is able to escape Voldemort.

Master Mars Hedgehog 19.12.2019

I would recommend it to my mum and her friend.this book is a huge cliffhanger

Doctor Nectarine Nuggets 04.12.2019

I thought it was excellent J.K. Rowling has put a lot of effort into this Harry is my favourite because when they were doing the Triwizard cup Harry and the other boy got hold of the cup together because Harry let him I would recommend this book to someone else

Count Adolpho Bucket 03.12.2019

It was amazing I just couldn't put it down. I was reading it all night

Doctor Fidget Quagmire 31.08.2019

[SPOILER ALERT] (If you are reading this review, do not read it if you are reading it now or about to read it!) I loved this book! I felt really annoyed about what happened to Cedric! I recommend this book!

Corporal Portobello Sherbet 30.08.2019

Fantastic book, like many other books I read I rate this book 5.I would recommend this boook to people who like mysteries and fantasy.

Dona Jet Wheeliebin 29.08.2019

Amazing, exciting

Lady Harmonica Owl 28.08.2019

good book

Anonymous 23.08.2019

Mystery and a bit of murder a very good read. Although it does help if you read the series first. I think 7 and up is appropriate

Officer Harmonica Rollerskate 22.08.2019

i think this book was amazing! i love it! my favourite character is Harry. I would totes recommend this book! 10/10

King Viktor Ridiculous 22.08.2019


Sergeant Augustus Sherbet 17.08.2019

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