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Demon Dentist

David Walliams, Tony Ross


  • Funny Stuff - rib ticklers to make you fall off your chair

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The new jaw-achingly funny novel from David Walliams, the number one bestselling author! Make your appointment if you dare...


I really love this book and I love it so much I have it on Audio in the car! I think all children can read this book as it is utterly, MIND-BLOWING!!!!! This book is about a boy who live's with his father and he has to do what your parent's do such as: Clean the dish's,Go food shopping,Tying his Dad's shoe lace's and so on. But when he find's out there's a new dentist in town he has a MEGA panic.My favourite bit was when the police said the boy's friend (who's a girl) was his Girlfriend!!! I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did!!! Happy Reading!!! Xx

Anonymous 09.04.2018

Star Reviewer

Scarey at times but recommend this book to all ages

Anonymous 04.04.2018

Star Reviewer

My least favorite part was when the boy's teeth were taken out because I thought it was cruel. My favorite part is when the dad gets help from the council.

Professor Kipper Bubble-wrap 17.01.2021

I liked the tooth witch and cat step out of the cauldron full of acid as skeleton.

Sir Adolpho Hammersmith 12.01.2021

Demon Dentist was evil and managed to scare us.

Judge Iguana Legend 10.01.2021

I liked it because the boy didn’t go to the dentist for 6 years. It was fiction my favourite person was the boy. I would recommend this for someone else.

Superintendent Zizou Archer 09.01.2021

I loved this book Alfie was my favourite character I wanted him to be happy and safe

AlfieJFL7 09.01.2021

Its a small horror story,its about a demon dentist that puts horrible stuff under your pillow if you loose a tooth like a spider and creepy crawlys. my favouite character was Miss Root the dentist. It interested me because i hate going to the dentist but i find the book funny but creepy (in a good way) i would recommend this to someone its a decant book!

Doctor Letizia Racoon 07.01.2021

It is really funny and I liked the character Gabz.I would recommend it if you enjoy a little bit creepy books.

Lady Honeycomb Archer 05.01.2021


Anonymous 05.01.2021

I think it’s a perfect book for people that like comedy because it’s about a boy that hates the dentist. His dad is in a rough place and barley getting by. Although one day changed the boy’s life!

Professor Geronimo Armchair 04.01.2021

A person called Winnie wants to get Alfie to go to the new dentist in town who is a demon

Anonymous 04.01.2021

I think this book could have been designed to scare children even more to go to the dentist. I also felt this book quite revolting because of the nasty tricks Miss Root gave to the children. My favourite character was Miss Root because she was a very, very scary dentist (or just a witch). I would recommend this book to younger people because it is more of their age. However, I might not recommend this book to younger children because it is over 400 pages long so it is rather thick and it warns at the beginning of the book it is a horror book which might not be that suitable for children.

Dame Daffodil Bumblebee 30.12.2020

I like the dentist the the best because she's creepy and I like creepy. It was an ok book. I recommend this book to people who are very imaginative.

Lady Sapphire Archway 30.12.2020

It has got funny twists in it. My favourite character is Ms Root. This book should be read by older children as it is slightly scary and could put some kids off going to the dentist.

Agent Sloth Dangerous 30.12.2020

This book is about a boy called Alfie and how his teeth have all rotted and Alfie hates goiing to the dentist. It is fiction and I liked Alfie best because at the end of the story something really bad happens to his father. It interested me because I have read a few of David Walliams books.

Professor Candyfloss Buffalo 30.12.2020

My favourite character is winnie the social worker. I love the book however i think that the dentist is really mean. I would recommend the book to people my age because it is not predictable at all and makes you want to read it all .

Madam Heroica Bungalow 29.12.2020

Aldine in the book has very bad teeth and when he goes to the dentist but then it turns out that the dentist was an evil demon and takes all his teeth so he can’t talk!

General Chesney Dangerous 27.12.2020

I loved this book. It was about a boy that was scared of the dentist. And he should be. Little did he know that his dentist was a demon. It tells the story of 12-year-old Alfie whose teeth are totally rotten. When a strange new dentist comes to town Alfie is suspicious and thinks something might be wrong. ... He realizes he is in big trouble when she straps him into the dentist's chair and starts pulling out all of his teeth! I would recommend this book to anyone as it is a mysterious tale that you should read.

Principal Daisy Windchime 23.12.2020

I read this book a long time ago but I remember that this book is creepy, freaky and spine tingling. My favourite character in this book is probably Alfie the boy because he is the main character and the star of the book. I also like Winnie the social worker as well though because she calls teeth"teet".Just so you know though to those people that get scared easily don't read this book because it will give you night mares.

Doctor Honeycomb Legend 21.12.2020