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Demon Dentist

David Walliams


  • Funny Stuff - rib ticklers to make you fall off your chair

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5 out 5

The new jaw-achingly funny novel from David Walliams, the number one bestselling author! Make your appointment if you dare...


I really love this book and I love it so much I have it on Audio in the car! I think all children can read this book as it is utterly, MIND-BLOWING!!!!! This book is about a boy who live's with his father and he has to do what your parent's do such as: Clean the dish's,Go food shopping,Tying his Dad's shoe lace's and so on. But when he find's out there's a new dentist in town he has a MEGA panic.My favourite bit was when the police said the boy's friend (who's a girl) was his Girlfriend!!! I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did!!! Happy Reading!!! Xx

Anonymous 09.04.2018

Star_reviewer_star Star Reviewer

Scarey at times but recommend this book to all ages

Anonymous 04.04.2018

Star_reviewer_star Star Reviewer

I liked it

Anonymous 19.05.2020

My favourite character is fang the demon dentist's cat.My favourite bit is where the demon dentist and her cat fly off out from under Alfie's bed.I would recommend this to boys and girls. I also like the demon dentist because she is pretty and spooky.It has some funny bits in and i really like it .

Lady Bernice Frozen-Peas 02.05.2020

this book is a horror book. but it was also funny, i loved this book.

Director Fenella Bungalow 03.04.2020

really enjoyed this book.

Professor Candyfloss Tyrannosaurus 19.02.2020

Scary but good. I do not know why Raj has to appear in every book???

Marshal Fifi Pawprint 09.02.2020

Demon Dentist by David Walliams Review by Princess Orchid Moonbeam I enjoyed reading this book because it was funny, relatable and crazy. I would reccommend this to everyone

Princess Orchid Moonbeam 16.01.2020

This book is fiction. My favourite person was Alfie. I liked it when Winnie was chasing him. I thinks this book is funny and interesting.

Nurse Birthday-cake Haystack 06.01.2020

it is nice

Anonymous 05.01.2020

it was very funny and at some points it even built up some suspense

Madam Kangaroo Racoon 05.01.2020

It was a mixture of a sad and creepy story it was a bit weird when the demon dentist and fang her cat went into the mummy toothpaste their skin came off but they were still alive. It was a fiction story and I liked Alfie's dad the best because he knew in a short period of time he will die so he sacrificed his life just to save all the children in the world not have a dentist appointment with miss root. I would recommend this book to all children who have a new dentist lady in town.

Anonymous 05.01.2020

I liked miss root the most. I recommend it to everyone

General Merlin Bobble-hat 24.12.2019

This book was so cool/scary!I loved it so much that I keep on reading it over and over again

Queen Iguana Vegas 17.12.2019

I didn't enjoy the book

Captain Magnolia Banana 08.11.2019

it was very good

Fairy Boadicea Windchime 06.10.2019

Yeah it was good

Lady Morgana Custard 03.09.2019

If you’ve read any of David Walliams’ books, you know how great his books are. I like the funny but sad story about Alfie and his experience with the dentists! I would recommend it to everyone that is willing to read all of the gruesomeness in this book!

Director Friday Racoon 31.08.2019


Corporal Aardvark Waltzer 30.08.2019

I liked how it was an scary

Farmer Pluto Tyrannosaurus 29.08.2019

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