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Fantastic Mr Fox

Roald Dahl

Average rating

4 out 5

Every time Mr Fox steals a chicken from the farm, Farmers Boggis, Bunce and Bean grow wild with rage! They're the nastiest crooks in the valley, and they've concocted a cunning plan to dig him out of his hole once and for all. But it never occurs to them that Mr Fox has a fantastic plan of his own...


I like this book because it follows the clever way of Mr Fox. I think the farmers were so horrible and greedy. I would recommend this to anyone who likes comedy.

Anonymous 16.09.2018

It was very funny. I liked Mr Fox. He is quite smart. He is like my dad. I would recommend it.

Corporal Friday Borneo 06.09.2018

It's a brilliant book!! I found it exciting new and funny. Recommend it to any one !!!

Anonymous 05.09.2018

Very good book describing the emotions and life of Mr Fox, his wife and his many fox Cubs. Boggis, Bunce and Bean resemble three evil crooks who own factories and don't care to feed a fantastic young fox.

Baroness Orchid Wheeliebin 02.09.2018

i recommend if you are looking for a short, funny and quick read.

Principal Agnetha Hoverboard 02.09.2018

I read it 6 times in 4 nights...omg

King Binky Foxtail 02.09.2018

I have read this book before. I liked the one from the library because it had coloured pictures. Bunce, Boggis and Bean are terrible characters! Mr Fox was very clever to save all the animals.

Don Chester Sequins 01.09.2018

This book is about three really mean farmers called Bogis, Bean and Bunce who terrorise Fantastic Mr Fox for trying to get their food to eat. I enjoyed this book because Fantastic Mr Fox stole loads and loads of food from the farmers workshops and he was very sneaky. He was sneaky because he managed to go underground and steal the food. I would maybe recommend this book because it is not very funny and a bit old fashioned.

Anonymous 28.08.2018

This book was funny how he managed to trick the farmers and have a big feast.

Fairy Candyfloss Hungry-Hippo 24.08.2018

This is a fiction book. It was a lovely fun story and made me laugh.

Anonymous 15.08.2018

I love this book and how Mr Fox outwits the farmers. Brilliant!

Count Viktor Birdbath 10.08.2018

pretty good

Professor Sandwich Vampire 05.08.2018

I liked it because he never got caught, and the farmer who tried to stop him couldn't because he was too fast.

Anonymous 04.08.2018

It was a great book

Anonymous 03.08.2018

I like to follow along with my audiobook. It is a long story but it is so exciting even when you have read it before.

King Virgil Bobble-hat 30.07.2018

It is sooooo good my eye's might pop out

Baroness Jet Owl 30.07.2018

I don't like this book very much because it was a bit scary. The story is about Boggies, Buns and Bean who were trying to kill Fantastic Mr Fox and his family, because he was stealing food of them. I thought that Fantastic Mr Fox could get killed. My favourite character from the fiction book is Fantastic Mr Fox, because he is very cleaver. I would recommend this book to someone who is older then me, for example my big cousin.

Anonymous 29.07.2018

I liked Mr fox the best because he risked his life just to feed his family

Anonymous 28.07.2018

This was a good book because it was very sneaky, cheeky and funny. My favourite character was Mr Fox because he got all of the food for all of the families. I would recommend this book to anyone I know.

General Iguana Bucket 22.07.2018


Anonymous 30.06.2018

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