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The Brilliant World of Tom Gates

Liz Pichon


  • Funny Stuff - rib ticklers to make you fall off your chair

Average rating

5 out 5

1288 reviews

This takes the form of Tom's battered homework diary - crammed with his doodles and stories.


Very good

Nurse Iguana Aardvark 12.01.2021

So funny

Queen Cupcake Quest 02.01.2021

i liked Tom best. I recommend it. It is quite funny and has got lots of doodles.

Anonymous 02.01.2021

This book is really funny and I loved reading it! I read it twice!! I recommend it!

Doctor Daisy Anteater 02.01.2021

It was fiction I liked Norman and Delia because Norman goes crazy when he has sweets and Delia because she always has to find her sunglasses I would definitely recommend this book to anyone bc this book is amazing

Empress Pansy Peanut-butter 30.12.2020

I love this book because it has given me the experience to unleash my imagination

Anonymous 28.12.2020

I liked the book a was lots of fun and I liked the way Liz Pichon wrote about a kid's life. I would recommend it to other kids.

Anonymous 28.12.2020

I am going to read the next one.

Inspector Flash Banana 27.12.2020

I like this book because it is very funny and addicting to read. Tom, the main character does very funny stuff.

General Chesney Dangerous 27.12.2020

Amazing Book!! Recommend it to everyone!!

Captain Hopscotch Rollercoaster 24.12.2020

I found this to be a funny easy read.

Sergeant Slide Lavalamp 21.12.2020

I like it because it has a few funny things in it I like Delia because it is called the brilliant world because it is funny

Captain Diamond Bungalow 17.12.2020

I liked tom gates cause they have less word but very funny and intresting books

Anonymous 17.12.2020

Tom was very forgetful and he tried to be happy ont he first day back but Amy kind of was being rude. Delia was not being nice. marcus was being nosy and dad{frank}was being embarrasing my favourite charectar was rooster although he doesnt do much i just think he is cute i would reccomend this book to people who like humor and doodles.

Viscountess Birthday-cake Foxtail 15.12.2020

Very amazing.

Marshal Majorca Bucket 15.12.2020


King Gator Vegas 15.12.2020

Very nice and interesting, funny plot line.

Anonymous 13.12.2020

this book is so good and tom is my favourite character

Dame Flopsy Spaceship 13.12.2020

This book is very good my favourite character is Delia because she acts like my sister

Officer Daisy Bucket 12.12.2020

It was very funny and different from other books. It's easy to read too.

Madam Blueberry Casserole 12.12.2020