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The Brilliant World of Tom Gates

Liz Pichon


  • Funny Stuff - rib ticklers to make you fall off your chair

Average rating

5 out 5

This takes the form of Tom's battered homework diary - crammed with his doodles and stories.


Really interesting would definitely recomemd

Count Muscles Rubber-duck 02.04.2020

it is so funny i love it

Professor Mildred Hoverboard 13.03.2020

very funny

Count Dobbin Bookmark 25.01.2020

I loved it because it is very funny and realistic.My favorite character is Tom Gates because he is funny and has good friends. I would recommend this to anyone who likes books about funny characters.

Sergeant Poseidon Hungry-Hippo 22.12.2019

I think that this book is absolutely AWAWSOME!!!!!! If you are intrested in funny books then this book has been recomended just for YOU!!!(By me.)My favourite character is Tom and Amy.Why?Because Amy is super smart, where as Tom is pretty ....imaginative . Honhstly, Liz Pichon is ... probably even more smart then Inestine !!! Witch other smarty-pants would be able to create such a book??? LIZ PICHON!!!!!! I rate this book 5/5!!!!! (Apluse).

Empress June Banana 21.12.2019

It was super funny.

Anonymous 06.12.2019

Does anybody like funny stuff , then this is the book you should read . It's contents are very interesting , enjoyable and funny. Voracious readers will love this book.

Major Horatio Wellington 19.11.2019

It’s awesome and I love Tom gates books I am encouraged to write by liz pichon

Coach Quicksand Menace 17.11.2019

Very interesting!!!!!!

Anonymous 25.10.2019


Anonymous 05.10.2019

This book is full of great story’s that can happen in your own life.

Madam Ursula Bobble-hat 05.10.2019

love it, couldn't stop reading the book

Anonymous 01.10.2019

it was funny

Don Quicksand Gravy 25.09.2019

It was very very very very funny fun and interesting

Anonymous 20.09.2019

The book was very funny and exciting. The funny part was when Mrs Worthington , a teacher who had a moustache, was singing a classical song and her moustache was moving up and down at the same time!

Nurse Ariel Waterfall 02.09.2019

I would recommend this to people who like comedy it's so funny!

Sir Viktor Sudoku 02.09.2019


Officer Angel Satellite 29.08.2019

I recommend this book to children.

Don Octopus Racoon 27.08.2019

The first of the best series of books ever!

Lord Hank Archway 26.08.2019

It's fun and crazy

Professor Aardvark Tyrannosaurus 26.08.2019

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