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The Brilliant World of Tom Gates

Liz Pichon


  • Funny Stuff - rib ticklers to make you fall off your chair

Average rating

5 out 5

This takes the form of Tom's battered homework diary - crammed with his doodles and stories.


It was so good. I loved the book and also I loved the bit when he was always was late for school even though it was four minutes to get there.

Inspector Horatio Piano-key 29.03.2019


Judge Marge Anteater 08.02.2019

Tom and me just love to doodle and these books are just totally amazing! The way it is written is really great too.

Captain Iggy Bouncy-castle 07.02.2019

I like it because it’s funny not the best but good

Fairy Venus Washington 31.12.2018

This book is a wonderful book.I think of this book funny because it has great jokes.Also,I love the doodling that the author did.I think the moral of this book is to always stay calm.This book was a fiction but,it had some facts.I love the character Tom Gates because of his cool logo's for his band.I like how at the end of each book it teaches U how to make something.I would recommend this book to 7-10 year old because of the funny use of language.Thanks for the pictures!

Director Rose Banana 22.12.2018

tom gates always gets in trouble with his teacher because he always forgets his homework when he has to bring it in to school and is always late because he always has a ten minute chat with his best mate dereck fingle and dereck is his lives nextdoor to him.

Empress Kangaroo Palm-tree 22.12.2018

im loved this book because it was very funy

Coach Gator Bluebird 16.12.2018

i want to read this story but i do but i do know how its rated as five beacause every lke it

Lady Daffodil Spaceship 14.12.2018

So funny!!!!!!!

Dame Petunia Dangerous 13.10.2018

It was very good. Tom Gates was scared at the start because he was sitting in the front of the classroom.

Director Daisy Spinner 29.09.2018

very entertaining, reccomended for age 6+

Mademoiselle Peaches Hedgehog 22.09.2018

I recommend. I love Tom Gates and this one is soo good. :]

Principal Agnetha Hoverboard 02.09.2018

It is a brilliant book . tom gates tells you about his life. He has a fried caled Derek and a girl caled Amy Potter (who he likes ).

Coach Aphrodite Teabag 31.08.2018

it was good it is fictiom the best character is ami

Principal Daisy Biscuits 23.08.2018

My favourite character is Tom Gates. He is a little naughty and sneaky which makes me laugh. I love that there are lots of drawings in the book. I like the stories about school, his teachers, his friends and his sister.

Anonymous 22.08.2018

I love Tom Gates because its very funny and the pictures are great.

Farmer Friday Astronomical 22.08.2018

too good

Commander Adolpho Bojangles 17.08.2018

this is a great fiction book, i think everyone should read Liz Pichon's books.

Marshal Raccoon Paddington 16.08.2018


Anonymous 15.08.2018

very good like the song I have read the whole series lol big fan of it

Corporal Itchy Frankfurter 14.08.2018

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