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The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Judith Kerr

Average rating

4 out 5

*"Find your local library.":http://bit.ly/2CShOJr* *"Buy this book from hive.co.uk":http://tinyurl.com/y2q2e68n to support The Reading Agency and local bookshops at no additional cost to you.*  This classic story of Sophie and her extraordinary tea-time guest has been loved by millions of children since it was first published over 30 years ago. Now a new generation will enjoy this beautiful reformatted edition!


I read this book for my younger brother and he enjoyed this book because it was funny because he drunk all the milk ! This book I would recommend this book for young and older children because I also enjoyed this book. I would give this book a 4 of 5

Anonymous 04.04.2018

Star_reviewer_star Star Reviewer

He really enjoyed pictures and was giving tiger a pat.

Anonymous 11.01.2019

The book was enjoyable because it talks about a fictional character as a human being - the TIger! I was surprised that the tiger could talk and eat and drink. the tiger was very hungry and ate all the food in the cupboards and drank all the water which meant that Sophie could not even have a bath! Sophie and her mum ended up going to a cafe because the tiger had all, the food and drink. The following day the family went shopping and bought tiger food for the tiger. So that the tiger would not eat all the food and drink again. I really enjoyed this book because of the chacater of the tiger. I will tell my friends about this book because they may share the same experiences that I did and enjoy the book like I did, we can talk about the book together then.

Anonymous 19.12.2018

I think this book is very good because it is very imaginative and clever. This book is a fiction book, and my favourite character was the tiger because he is very funny in the way that he eats all of the food. ,

Officer Daisy Pumpernickel 24.08.2018

I like when the tiger came and they have a funny bit when the tiger drinks all daddy’s beer that’s my favourite bit

Dame Petunia Paperclip 20.08.2018

It's five and they have sausages in a cafe but I am also sad because they have no food.

Chief Peanuts Mouse 08.08.2018


Dona Cupcake Frozen-Peas 07.08.2018

I enjoyed this book and when the tiger said goodbye at the end I thought the tiger was funny coming for tea

Marshal Jet Skateboard 04.08.2018

Weird book about a tiger who comes to a house and eats all of the food so the people have to go to a café for their tea.

General Honeycomb Starlight 02.08.2018

I love reading this book

Mademoiselle Venus Pennyfarthing 02.08.2018

Brilliant book. We read this one lots

Anonymous 22.07.2018

This book is more than 50 years old, but has never dated. Judith Kerr's pictures are always brilliant and you do see what people, houses and streets looked like in the 1960s. I feel rather sorry for the Dad when he comes home and finds that the Tiger has drunk up EVERYTHING in the house (including all his beer and all the tap water), but he's very reasonable considering. Favourite character: The Tiger (obviously).

Anonymous 11.07.2018

i would recommend this to children who are starting to read independently.

Anonymous 13.12.2017

I like this book because they have to buy tiger food because the hungry tiger ate all the food.

Anonymous 20.10.2017

nice story about tiger who came to tea and had everything from Sophie house

Anonymous 14.09.2017

I liked this story, because tigers don't usually drink tea, or eat sandwiches and cakes. They usually eat meat.

Anonymous 03.09.2017

This is my favourite book about a tiger who turns up for tea at sophia house. He eats and Drinks everything so they have nothing left. I like that they buy him tiger food in case he ever comes back.

Anonymous 01.09.2017

I loved the tiger because he talked

Anonymous 31.08.2017

great book

Anonymous 30.08.2017

tiger ate all the food and its very sweet

Anonymous 29.08.2017

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