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David Walliams


  • Funny Stuff - rib ticklers to make you fall off your chair

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5 out 5

The fifth screamingly funny novel from David Walliams, number one bestseller and fastest growing children's author in the country.


It was funny, but a bit too easy for me

Mademoiselle Orchid Armchair 15.05.2020

I liked it and I wish I had the book but I don’t it’s from the library

Coach Quicksand Menace 19.01.2020

Ratburger by David Wallliams Review by Princess Orchid Moonbeam I think everyone should read this book because it's really funny yet emotional and I think it's amazing!!

Princess Orchid Moonbeam 16.01.2020

i like when at the end shiela and burt turn into burgers

Lady Bernice Frozen-Peas 11.01.2020

I thought this book was amazing and really funny to read. I liked Zoey the little girl because she was really brave in the story when she rescued all the rat from the cages.This book really interested me. I definitely recommend this book.

Director Blossom Mystery 06.01.2020

Really funny book, lobed it

King Arthur Peninsula 03.01.2020

I enjoyed this book because, it was funny and had lots of twists and turns when you least expected it. It deosn't matter how old you are you will enjoy this book. After reading this I feel even more strongly about animal cruelty now than I did before.I am sure, whoever you are you will remember this book.

Principal Beany Mittens 31.12.2019

I enjoyed some of this book but found parts repeated and I became sick of hearing about Prawn Cocktail Crisps.

Anonymous 30.12.2019

It was great! It was fiction. The main good people were Zoe and her dad. The main bad people were Zoe’s stepmother and Burt a ratburger seller. I think everyone should read it!

Ambassador Slide Glitterball 22.12.2019

this book is a little bit sad as the girl, Zoe is bullied and her stepmother is very mean to her. i would recommend this book to people who are upset about family life, their dead pet or bullied at school.

Officer Cupcake Chipperfield 21.12.2019

i really liked it

Officer Agnetha Satellite 16.11.2019

It is a good David Wallliams book with a good ending. But sometimes it gets you to feel for main character. There is a clue in the title of the book as well. I would recommend this to the people like David Walliam books.

Ambassador Mars Wellington 10.09.2019

It was a fictional book. My favourite character was Gingernut the Hamster because he's a hamster and they are my favourite minnie pets.

Doctor Sapphire Skateboard 09.09.2019

I liked this book because it is about a little girl called Zoe and she is very poor so when she gets suspended by a little rat her stepmother gets a rat catcher... My favourite character is Zoe because she is the main character.

Mademoiselle Tuesday Waterfall 03.09.2019


Officer Nectarine Snivel 31.08.2019

I liked this book , I found it fun.

Constable Flash Casserole 29.08.2019

I thought it was very entertaining. I liked Zoe best. I recommend this book as it was fun.

Anonymous 29.08.2019

The book was really good

Prince Race-car Bonsai 28.08.2019

A very good read

Officer Harmonica Rollerskate 22.08.2019

This is disgusting but really entertaining my class and I laughed a lot. Recommend this to everyone!

General Boadicea Bubble-wrap 20.08.2019

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