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David Walliams


  • Funny Stuff - rib ticklers to make you fall off your chair

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5 out 5

The fifth screamingly funny novel from David Walliams, number one bestseller and fastest growing children's author in the country.


This is disgusting but really entertaining my class and I laughed a lot. Recommend this to everyone!

General Boadicea Bubble-wrap 20.08.2019

I liked listening to Zoe’s problems and her solution for them . My favourite character is Zoe because she is creative.I recommend this book to anyone 5+ who likes rats.

Viscountess Agnetha Bubble-wrap 17.08.2019

This book was very funny and a bit sad

Princess Fifi Chocolate-mousse 16.08.2019

I liked Burt because he is is a very interesting character in the book and that he has no eyes

Officer Aphrodite Bertrand 16.08.2019

I enjoyed this book because I could spend about an hour reading it, loving the story, feeling sorry for the characters, imagining I was in it and pretending to be the characters.

Lady Wanda Palm-tree 16.08.2019

Great book

Anonymous 15.08.2019


Viscount Augustus Remmington 14.08.2019

This book was very funny and it was also very interesting so I loved it.

Master Stinky Peninsula 13.08.2019

I liked the burger vanman because he was a rat catcher and sold burger at school.

Earl Natty Mildew 11.08.2019

Why do people have to be so horrid?

Director Rapunzel Spinner 10.08.2019

I enjoyed it very much Zoe because she saved the day Yes to 7+

Anonymous 10.08.2019

it was ok but i found out some facts in this book to.

Coach Cornelius Rollercoaster 10.08.2019

ratburger was nice calming funny and griping I would recoment it to 8-11 year olds

Captain Honeycomb Waterfall 04.08.2019

The rat illustrations are cute!

Commander Burp Chipperfield 03.08.2019

I liked this best of all David Walliams boons, it was funny.

Fairy Rose Vegas 02.08.2019

A very funny and well written book. Ratburger is a fiction book and includes a newsagent called Raj who is so kind! I laughed my whole way through it. I think this book would suit 7-12 year olds.

Principal Orchid Heronimus 01.08.2019

Funny, amusing and full of rats !

Nurse Sapphire Endeavour 31.07.2019

It was really good and exciting. The best character was Zoe. I would recommend this book

Dona Iguana Manatee 27.07.2019

This book is so cool.

Marshal Daisy Biscuits 26.07.2019

really good book fiction ages 9-11 really funny and enjoyable

Countess Sunny Palm-tree 26.07.2019

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