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Oliver and the Seawigs

Philip Reeve, Sarah McIntyre


  • Action Adventures - chills, thrills and plenty of spills

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4 out 5

Along with his friends, a grumpy old albatross, a short-sighted mermaid, and a friendly island called Cliff, Oliver sets out to rescue his missing parents. On their perilous journey the friends meet evil islands, a boy called Stacey (not a girl's name) and more sea monkeys than you can wave some seaweed at.


it was an amazing book full of adventure, my favorite character was both Iris and the sea monkeys, it was brilliant and funny, full of adventure and determination, i would recommend it to anyone of any age.

Countess Candyfloss Postage-Stamp 09.01.2020

This book was really good by the way. This book is about a boy, a mermaid and hundreds of alive Islands were a boy called Oliver saves a Island called Cliff from a bad Island. The best Character what I think is Oliver because he saved his best and favorite Island Cliff. The thing that interest me is that the Islands could move. I Would recommend to lots of Boys and girls.

Astronaut Merlin Spaceship 03.01.2020

Amazing book would recommend for any ages

Anonymous 26.12.2019

It was FULL of mystery. He meets people. Cares and helps them. I was very surprised at some parts. I recommend this book for people who love deferent characters. I believe 8 years and older would read

Madam Rapunzel Bookmark 06.08.2019

This book is filled me with hysteric laughter and curiosity. The pictures were amazingly artistic and matched the description exactly. I loved the sea monkeys because they are so cute and mischievous, and very confusing. The book makes you think that in the 90% of the ocean unexplored there could be rambling islands somewhere, just somewhere waiting to be discovered. It is a very fantasy filled story, and includes Mermaids, Walking Islands(Rambling Isles), and of course, cheeky little sea monkeys. It is not a very long book but, has around 200 pages (maybe a bit over 200.) This book could be read in 2 hours or so if you're a confident reader. For less confident readers, you could read the book in chapters. Other Philip Reeve and Sarah McCintyre are very good and I would recomend them for the reading challenge and bed time stories. It's good for children of all ages and grown-ups usually like them to. The books are full of ideas and Sea Monkeys.

Principal Beany Mittens 27.07.2019

This is a kind of funny story and the main character is oliver. But my favourite characters are cliff the cliff because he is tiny but smart and was named by Oliver, iris the mermaid because she is funny and can't see very well and is trying to find the beach options. Last but not least is Mr . P the talking albarrows because he is rude at the beginning of the story but nicish at the end of the story.

General Blueberry Birdbath 14.07.2019


Earl Gargoyle Bonsai 04.07.2019

a fun silly challenge

Marshal Nectarine Cuckoo-Clock 01.09.2018

Good book!

Baroness Petunia Paperclip 30.08.2018

i thought the story was to silly for me i like fantasy books this was not really a fantasy book i thought the book was a bit silly and the story was hard to follow i also think that the book was just not very smart when i say not smart i mean just it was VERY silly so thats what i thought of the book

Anonymous 12.06.2018

It was so cool and I liked the name Iris (she had a problem with her iris!)

Sergeant Ice-T Aardvark 04.04.2018

I give one star for the Wonderful concept. Another star for the Illuminating Illustrations. One star for the story. and another one more star for the hilariousness. Really good book. Read it yourselves.

Anonymous 07.12.2017

This book had a really cool story

Anonymous 03.09.2017

You should read this book if you like funny stories. This hilarious book will laugh your head off! Have you ever heard of the Water Mole, or moving islands? Why not read Oliver and the Seawigs for some fun?

Anonymous 30.08.2017

This book is good because Oliver and some friends have a big adventure!

Anonymous 29.08.2017

I would think this impossible! It has mermaids and um mm a albatross!

Anonymous 24.08.2017

You should read this book if you like adventures and fantasy. If you do, you will love it. It is about mermaids, islands, travel and a fierce competition.

Anonymous 22.08.2017

Intriguing tale about mythical creatures.

Anonymous 21.08.2017

I think this book is quite intregin but some words are very hard to understand when you are under 10 like me

Anonymous 16.08.2017

I liked the book because Oliver has a lot of adventures.

Anonymous 16.08.2017

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