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Shooting for the Stars: My Journey to Become Ireland’s First Astronaut

Dr. Norah Patten, Jennifer Farley

Shooting for the Stars: My Journey to Become Ireland’s First Astronaut


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Dr. Norah Patten, from Ballina in Co. Mayo, was one of 12 participants from around the world selected to take part in a unique scientist-astronaut training programme, Project Possum. She is now on course to become Ireland’s first astronaut! Follow Norah as she brings you on a journey high above the earth and into space. You will learn about space travel, astronaut training and life without gravity. Norah will answer those all-important questions such as how long does it take to become an astronaut and where exactly astronauts go to the toilet?! Did you know that our sun is a star, just like all the stars we see at night? Did you know that, in space, the astronauts have to use special ropes to hold themselves down while running on the treadmill? A fun and engaging book about space and becoming an astronaut but most importantly a book about following your dreams no matter how big!



I really enjoy space so this book was perfect for me. It was about Noah who was obsessed with space and rockets. He wants to be the 1st Irish person in space

Anonymous 31.08.2023


I really enjoyed this book! It’s an autobiography about an astronaut called Norah Patten. Since she was 11 years old she’s wanted to go to space and is working hard for that to happen. In this book she explains about what you need to do to become an astronaut, as well as the training an astronaut needs to do before going to space, and all about the life up there in the space station! Learn how astronauts eat, sleep, exercise. How they “shower”, what they do to keep entertained, experiments in space, space walks, and even how they go to the bathroom! I loved this book! It’s soo good! :) I wish Dr Norah Patten luck in becoming Ireland’s first astronaut in space! :) Happy space journey! Xx

Director Tulip Armchair 10.08.2022

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