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Strong and Tough

Rico Hinson-King, Nick Sharratt

Strong and Tough


  • Facts & Information - lists, stats and plenty of facts
  • Friends & Family - tears and laughter, and happy ever after
  • Facts & Information - lists, stats and plenty of facts
  • Friends & Family - tears and laughter, and happy ever after

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_______________ ‘A very touching and honest story … Rico and Nick make a great team!’ – Jacqueline Wilson _______________ An empowering adoption story by eleven-year-old Premier League Young Writer of the Year Rico Hinson-King, illustrated by the award-winning Nick Sharratt There is a kid. Let's call him Charlie. On the outside he looks like every other football-mad boy of his age. But he isn't ... A story of hope and resilience, this gentle, inspiring picture book tells the tale of Charlie, a little boy who was taken into care when he was very small. Charlie dreams of finding his forever home to share with his sisters. Sometimes he feels scared. Sometimes he wants to scream and cry (and he does, just a little). But he is strong. He is tough. Strong and Tough is by the amazingly talented ten-year-old Rico Hinson-King. Rico, like Charlie, found strength and resilience along the journey to find his forever family (and played lots of football along the way!). Rico is a Junior Premier League footballer with a knack for words too, who wrote his story so that other children going through similar circumstances can feel less alone, and to encourage empathy in others. His moving and powerful words are paired with warm, friendly illustrations by the award-winning Nick Sharratt, who famously illustrated many of Jacqueline Wilson's books including the Tracy Beaker series.



This book is about a young boy who was fearless.This book is non fiction.I enjoyed the book because the main character charlie was fearless.I will recommend this book .I like this book because it is a very good book.

Director Cilla Moonbeam 22.01.2024


I liked this book everyone should read it you'll love it just like I do.

Viscount Race-car Palm-tree 07.09.2023


Liked it

Officer Ariel Bonsai 31.08.2023


It's who is sad about being separated from his sister's

Anonymous 28.08.2023


There was once a little boy called Charlie. A sorry of hope and resilience He was suddenly vanished by his family at a little age.Taken in to care, he dreams of finding his long lost sister. Sometimes he cry and is scared.He still perseveres. Will he find is sister or live his life alone?

Anonymous 26.08.2023


I liked this book because he played a lot of football.

Don Arthur Legend 26.08.2023


I liked that he played football

Doctor Gargoyle Submarine 25.08.2023


This was a really interesting story. I didn't know the difference between Fostering and adoption. I like football so the subject really help me understand it all too.

Superintendent Bruno Bottlenose 21.08.2023


I like Charlie best because he was strong and tough while he was at the foster home and couldn't see his sisters. I definitely recommend this book to my friends

Anonymous 17.08.2023


Amazing to see Charlie strength, tough and fearless character

Anonymous 15.08.2023


I learnt that if you exercise everyday you will get fit

Officer Pansy Peanut-butter 13.08.2023


I very much enjoyed reading this. This book taught me that it is ok to be scared. I was happy Charlie was able to stay with his sisters.

Doctor Chesney Vesuvius 12.08.2023


I liked that Rico was a footballer like me It was sad his mum and dad did not keep him It was happy that he got two new dads I only have one dad

Prince Horatio Ketchup 11.08.2023


Too footbally

Coach Kiki Pinkerton 03.08.2023


He played football

Superintendent Raccoon Stegosaurus 02.08.2023



King Merlin Pendragon 01.08.2023


I like it. It' a great story.

Chief Cornelius Starlight 31.07.2023


I liked Charlie and reading about him finding his forever family.

Marshal Slide Teabag 29.07.2023


My favorite character was Charlie and I love that It had a happy ending.

Anonymous 22.07.2023

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