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The Funny Life of Football - WINNER of The Sunday Times Children’s Sports Book of the Year 2023

James Campbell, Rob Jones

The Funny Life of Football - WINNER of The Sunday Times Children’s Sports Book of the Year 2023


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Average rating

4 out 5

11 reviews



I enjoyed reading this book.

Professor Nectarine Sudoku 27.12.2023


It’s a very funny book.

Earl Adolpho Possum 27.12.2023


I like it because you have the choice to go to any page and start there. I find it a good technique. There were nice and kind bits, like giving racism the red card, and things I didn't know, like in the 1990 World Cup, Gary Lineker pooed himself. A funny bit was when the author congratulates you for getting to the beginning page without eating the book."Pardon me. It was the 240 pages of a book I ate for breakfast this morning."

Anonymous 30.09.2023


It’s a really funny fiction book.It had lots of funny parts and my interest is football at school and how a lot of people play football at school.I would highly recommend people who love football.

Countess Peaches Lanzarote 05.09.2023


I thought it was a really funny book and I love football. I’d recommend it to everyone who likes football.

Lord Bruno Piccalilli 30.08.2023


Brilliant book, just do NOT read it if you want to know only legitimate things about football because it mentions things that aren't real, like inter-dimensional football! Really funny jokes, a real page-turner if you like football.

Corporal Crocodile Satellite 25.08.2023


Very funny

Dame Bubbles Glitterball 16.08.2023


not that good

Count Mandrake Hoverboard 14.08.2023


funny and fun reading!

Anonymous 06.08.2023


I loved this book when I love football myself. It was a great read

Lieutenant Arthur Pennyfarthing 28.07.2023


really love this book and highly recommend

Director Rapper Satellite 25.07.2023

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