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The Sky Beneath the Stone

Alex Mullarky

The Sky Beneath the Stone


  • Fantasy Worlds - awesome adventures of magic and mystery

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4 out 5

8 reviews

Thirteen-year-old Ivy North is an adventurer. She can pitch a tent in four minutes flat, knows the local landscape like the back of her hand, and she's an expert map reader. There's just one problem. She's afraid to go outside. But when her little brother is transformed into a kestrel by a powerful sorcerer, Ivy is the only one who can rescue him. Following him through a mysterious hole in the garden wall, she emerges in Underfell -- an enchanted realm that seems like the Lake District she knows, but is dangerously different. Battling her dread of being out in the open, Ivy must gather all her courage to navigate a path across this extraordinary world, where haughty fairies with birds' wings fly through purple skies and a ghostly spectre haunts her every step. With the help of an unexpected new friend, can Ivy break the spell -- before her brother becomes a bird forever? An immersive and beautifully written fantasy adventure, The Sky Beneath the Stone is a soaring journey of family, friendship, overcoming fear -- and realising that we are never as lost as we think we are. Alex Mullarky's debut novel introduces a captivating new talent in children's fiction.



It was a good book but I felt that they could have been more detailed with their descriptions of the fairies. My favorite character was Grendel the dog because he was the bravest and most affectionate.

Officer Angel Sparrow 01.09.2023


Great mystery and fantastic story

Superstar Muscles Squirrel 27.08.2023


This was pretty good. The other world seems so funny

Countess Majorca Bacon-slicer 14.08.2023

Star Reviewer

Star Reviewer


Very magical fiction book, not really my type of book I usually read but was good to try something different

Anonymous 11.08.2023


Very magical fiction book, not really my type of book I usually read but was good to try something different

Dona Jewel Mozzarella 10.08.2023


This book was quite magical but also a bit creepy for me - I might read it again when im a bit older.

Senorita June Sunshine 08.08.2023


This is a very interesting book. I would recommend it to children who like magic.

Doctor Wanda Custard 05.08.2023


I like Ivy because she does what she is scared of doing. I like Taliesin because he was kind in the end.

Queen Fenella Buffalo 31.07.2023

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