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The Curiosity Club: Alice Alone

Sally Harris

The Curiosity Club: Alice Alone


Average rating

4 out 5

19 reviews



This was a good book except it made me sad that Alice fell out with her friend.

Esquire Burp Skateboard 12.08.2023


I enjoyed this book a lot. I found it nice how the author made some of the story relatable to other people. It was also nice for the author to show some of the Chinese traditions. I especially liked the competitions in GAS.

Queen Beany Bungalow 28.07.2023


I like a curiosity club it just pops in with a good book.

Fairy Aspidistra Manatee 16.07.2023


This was a long book but I liked it. There were mini marshmallows toothpicked to someone's hair - that was funny! I also learnt a cool science experiment given at the end of the book.

Captain Rapper Luther 10.09.2022


This was a really good book! Alice's experiences in joining a new school really reflected what happens when you join a new school. Alice tried to act "cool" but nearly ended up losing the true friends she needs! It's a great book about being yourself and making true friends!

Queen Honeycomb Pinkerton 09.09.2022


This was my favourite book of the challenge so far! I loved reading about Alice and how she tried to be cool to get her old friend back, but later realised she didn't' have to change who she was to have friends. She just had to be Alice. I would recommend this book to everyone

Empress Amazonia Chocolate-mousse 02.09.2022


I absolutely LOVED this book I'll recommend it to anyone to be fair

Captain Gloriana Jumpsuit 31.08.2022


it was great

Master Switch Eragon 28.08.2022


It was very good. I liked the science and crafting parts. Alice was my favourite character. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone.

Anonymous 18.08.2022


I would recommend this book to everyone. I enjoyed how it explained everything that Alice felt. The way the story was described was in detail and I really understood how she felt. This made it unputdownable.

Duchess Angel Fascination 16.08.2022


Alice was new to Saint Mildred's and was struggling to find friends. Then she met Bee and Cleo who were her first real friends. My favourite charcter was Bee. I would recommend it to my friend Caroline

Professor Iggy Porridge-Oats 12.08.2022


I really enjoyed this book. It was a fiction book. My favourite character was GAS teacher. I would highly recommend this book to anyone.

Lady Kiki Dalmatian 11.08.2022


I enjoyed this book a lot and has a very heart warming ending. For friendship, fun and laughter this is the perfect book to read!

Coach Flossy Vesuvius 09.08.2022


It was fun and i like Alice

Anonymous 07.08.2022


This book is all about curiosity

Officer Pansy Peanut-butter 05.08.2022


Kept repeating same characteristics

Lady Wanda Mystery 03.08.2022


I thought it was a good book because it talks about friendship and being yourself. I would recommend it to others because it talks about how to be resilient and not to copy others.

General Blueberry Stegosaurus 01.08.2022


I thought that little Alice was friendly and curious she had a wondering mind and I would trust her with my life. Bee was my favourite character, she did not care about looking cool and always has her mind on the bright side.

Viscountess Amazonia Wheeliebin 31.07.2022


I did struggle with the length of the book but it was a good story line.

General July Bacon-slicer 28.07.2022

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