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Ocean Plastics Problem: A Max Axiom Super Scientist Adventure

Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan, Erik Doescher

Ocean Plastics Problem: A Max Axiom Super Scientist Adventure


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5 out 5

6 reviews



my favourite characters are Max the scientist and his friends. Max Axiom the world super scientist. Max created the Society of Scientists. In this story, he's solving the plastic problem.

Anonymous 22.08.2023


It was an educational read.

Earl Adolpho Possum 01.08.2023


I like learning about plastic pollution and how to stop it. Great book

Baron Bruno Frankfurter 03.09.2022


I liked this book, because the scientists wanted to save the sea life from all the plastic that ends up in the ocean. I think that they were doing a very important job. I also learnt about different types of plastics, like Thermoplastic and Thermoset. My favourite character was Lizzy Axiom :) I would definitely recommend this book to someone else!

Empress Amazonia Chocolate-mousse 01.09.2022


I loved learning about what happens to plastic in our oceans even though I already knew a lot about the topic. Everything was fun to read and easy to understand.

Judge Sloth Pawprint 22.08.2022


Great book for people who want to be inspired and want to help our planet

Princess Jewel Jellybaby 17.08.2022

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