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The Brainiac's Book of the Climate and Weather

Rosie Cooper, Harriet Russell

The Brainiac's Book of the Climate and Weather


  • Facts & Information - lists, stats and plenty of facts

Average rating

4 out 5

19 reviews



Good to know about weather and how climate changes

Anonymous 11.04.2023


I love weather

Captain Hercules Tyrannosaurus 05.12.2022


its a non fiction book, very interesting and it will fill your mind up with climate and weather

Director Tulip Rollerskate 21.09.2022


This book is really interesting, it has a lot of information about climate and weather. It is full of pictures and fun experiments that you could do at home. I really recommend this book as it is worth the time reading it

Doctor Lacey Windchime 10.09.2022


The book was very interesting

Marshal Dragon Jamboree 01.09.2022


There are lots of fascinating facts, jokes and experiments about nature and weather. It has lots of colourful pictures and it is easy to read and understand. I would recommend to anyone who wants to learn about our earth and climate change.

Senorita Candyfloss Sequins 31.08.2022


Very good

Anonymous 23.08.2022


I’m really impressed by this book because I have learned so much about climate and weather and I was so interested about everything in this book! I love how the writer gives you experiment ideas you can do at home and I will try them out soon! I will recommend this to someone like 7+ because it is very understandable. It tells you the history of weather and quite funny jokes! I love this book so much and I think it deserves to be read by way more people.

Professor Marge Desperado 16.08.2022


Really interesting book, looks of great facts and easy to read

Lady Fandango Vesuvius 16.08.2022


I thought that this book had a lot of facts, which I love about it, but it also said what might happen in the future, past and present, which I thought was a little too much information for me, and I thought that it had too much stuff for lots of people to take in, but I did like it. If somebody likes the past, present and future, I would recommend it, but I wouldn't recommend it for some people as some people might not really like it as it has too much for them to take in, but I would recommend it for some people.

Countess Mistral Borchester-Smythe 14.08.2022


This helped me learn about climate change

Principal Wanda Bungalow 12.08.2022


Useful information must know to survive on this Earth. Loves the most Day to day look around observations. Surely recommend in the school.

Chief Zeus Birdbath 09.08.2022


I read this book because lots of animals went extinct because of climate

King Dobbin Quarantine 09.08.2022


i love this book

Queen Bunny Jumpsuit 06.08.2022



Anonymous 02.08.2022


It was really nice

Captain Rapper Frankfurter 22.07.2022


I would recommend this book.

Judge Race-car Jellybaby 15.07.2022


I would recommend it to someone else.

Queen Angel Vampire 14.07.2022


This book was quite good, I am interested in learning more about the weather and how our climate changes

Baron Bruno Frankfurter 05.07.2022

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