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The Burpee Bears

Joe Wicks, Paul Howard

The Burpee Bears


  • Friends & Family - tears and laughter, and happy ever after
  • Animal Tales - bundles of fur, fluff and fun
  • Funny Stuff - rib ticklers to make you fall off your chair
  • Friends & Family - tears and laughter, and happy ever after

Average rating

4 out 5

19 reviews

Meet the Burpee Bears in this glorious picture book created by ""the Nation's Favourite PE Teacher"", Joe Wicks!



I like this one too. I can’t pick a favourote burpee bear, i like them all.

Coach Marge Armadillo 03.07.2024


I didn't like this story. It was all about exercise

Duchess Amazonia Volcano 14.12.2023


Good, I liked this book.

Major Arthur Pawprint 14.09.2023


I loved this book and I done all the exercises from the back pages, it was a real fun! I definitely recommend this book to my friends!

Sir Rapper Jellybaby 01.09.2023


I was most interested in the rocket that they built because it was made out of sticks and it blasted off into dinner time.

Coach Stinky Toothpaste 31.08.2023


It was okay but he didnt find it that interesting

Judge Snoopy Glitterball 20.08.2023


I like doing the exercises at the end

Captain Rapunzel Gormenghast 13.08.2023


This book helps me do lots of different exercises that I couldn’t before. I enjoyed trying new things

Mademoiselle Fandango Hungry-Hippo 09.08.2023


I liked the burpee bears family. They have so much fun together . I'd like to watch the stars every day too.

Sir Augustus Fascination 04.08.2023


It was too long for me, but did have some interesting bits.

Viscount Burp Banana 04.08.2023


it's a really entertaining book for kids 3-7 years old and it encourages people to get active and happy.

Professor Fandango Slingshot 01.08.2023


My fave character was Bella. I liked the bit where they all got their backpacks on and went to the park and built a stick house and slept under the stars

Mademoiselle Lacey Racoon 29.07.2023

Star Reviewer

Star Reviewer


Liked the bears

Prince Octopus Teacup 26.07.2023


A book with good exercise and recepies.

Madam Phoenix Bobble-hat 20.07.2023


It's a lovely story of family. How they started day and had a adventure full of fun. Its a Fun way to motivate to stay healthy and having adventure at same time. I like the Bella because she is caring and saved baby bear from falling while playing at bed. Yes, I ll recommend it to my school friends.

Coach Fandango Taramasalata 14.07.2023


I like this book. I got it from my World Book Day token.

Baroness Flopsy Pineapple 13.07.2023


Really really good. My favourite bit was when they relaxed after dinner. My Mummy likes the cute dog in this book. I love the family recipes and I love the stuff you can do before bed.

Queen Angel Sparrow 10.07.2023


Loved this book because ofvtge exercises. I loved the family adventure.

Countess Jet Banana 26.06.2023


Fun recipes and exercise!

Anonymous 24.06.2023

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