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Sherlock Bones and the Case of the Crown Jewels: A Puzzle Quest

Tim Collins, John Bigwood

Sherlock Bones and the Case of the Crown Jewels: A Puzzle Quest


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Average rating

5 out 5

12 reviews

When the crown jewels go missing from Kennel Palace, it’s up to super-sleuth Sherlock Bones and his trusty sidekick Dr Catson to solve the crime. But with multiple suspects and a trail that’s starting to run cold, will they be able to catch the culprit in time? The first book in a brand-new Sherlock Bones mystery fiction series, this fun puzzle adventure contains over 30 games – such as mazes, search games and silhouette matches – that are woven into the action, so the reader can feel immersed in the exciting detective plot and help Bones and Catson solve the mystery.



It's Baker Street not Barker street. Sherlock's Holmes adventure with a difference!

Anonymous 20.08.2023


A mystery to solve Puzzles to do The best book I've ever read

General Petronella Quarantine 06.08.2023


Fun to read, based of sherlock which was funny

Queen Heroica Menace 18.07.2023


I loved it. It was a lot of fun.

Judge Tuesday Waterfall 06.09.2022


I enjoyed reading this book because I enjoy mystery books. I enjoyed all the characters in the book. I didn't expect some of the suspects. I would recommend this book to others

Professor Harmonica Sparrow 29.08.2022


I liked reading this book, because I love animals and this book has animals in it, plus it is a detective book and I love books with a mystery. My favourite character is Dr Catson because she she is a cat, she is kind, loyal, and she tries to think of the positive side on things. I would recommend this book to people who loves mysteries, crime and problem solving. I rate this book a five out of five.

Marshal Venus Pipistrel 28.08.2022


I liked solving the puzzles and doing the activities in this book. It was fun.

Dona Tulip Pendragon 28.08.2022


In Sherlock Bones they find out who stole the crown jewels. It was a rabbit called Toby who sells carrots. He hid it in the sewer when he encounters the sewer phantom. It swiftly charged at him. But it was actually a baby bear, it was covered in a gloomy, green glow. This book had puzzles in each chapter. I really liked this book because it made me laugh.

Chief Hercules Skateboard 23.08.2022


This was a really good detective story, I don't normally read this kind of book but I really liked it.

Don Crocodile Hungry-Hippo 22.08.2022


This book was all about mystery and I did not like this very much

Professor Slide Tyrannosaurus 10.08.2022


It is good because you can't predict what will happen next

Anonymous 18.07.2022


i loved the language so funny i recommend it to everyone

Duchess Mistral Elephant 10.07.2022

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