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Curious Creatures Glowing in the Dark

Zoë Armstrong, Anja Sušanj

Curious Creatures Glowing in the Dark


  • Facts & Information - lists, stats and plenty of facts

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4 out 5

17 reviews

Focusing on extraordinary stories from nature, making links with the human world and readers' own experiences this series will capture children's imaginations with lyrical prose, astonishing facts and wonderful illustrations.



It was alright Okay

Marshal Morgana Hungry-Hippo 24.07.2023


Awesome facts and illustrations

Professor Dobbin Frankfurter 01.07.2023


Talks about different creatures glowing in the dark.

Captain Race-car Piccalilli 06.09.2022


This was a really interesting book. Full of really interesting facts and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes finding things out. There are beautiful illustrations too which I really liked.

Queen Sapphire Piccalilli 03.09.2022

Star Reviewer

Star Reviewer


This was a factual book about creatures that glow in the dark. I found it really interesting and learnt about bioluminescence and biofluorescence and how they can be used to help our oceans and scientists to track diseases. I was surprised to see that owls, puffins, platypus and hawksbill turtles glow up too! I would definitely recommend this book to others as its full of interesting and surprising facts.

Princess Honeycomb Astronomical 26.08.2022


this was awesome seeing all the glowing creatures and the different habitats

Mademoiselle Flopsy Possum 21.08.2022


Good book, told you about all glowing animals and how humans learn from it. Would recommend if you like science.

Commander Flash Elephant 20.08.2022


I thought that it was really good because it gave me facts, but it also had a story to it. I chose this one as a fact book because it looked really good, some books look good but they actually aren't, I thought I would give curious creatures a chance to actually impress me and it really did, I am really happy that I have got it. I think that if I saw somebody that also likes animals, that glow in the dark, I would recommend this book, I would say "try this book, it is really good, it is all about creatures that glow in the dark"

Countess Mistral Borchester-Smythe 14.08.2022


The book is full of surprises. I did not know about so many creatures who are such colourful and beautiful. I also now know that more animals are living in sea than on land. Nice book.

Chief Sketch Squirrel 13.08.2022


All the creatures in the sea

Principal July Foxtail 06.08.2022


Very colourful, factual & interesting. Needed help with big words.

Anonymous 01.08.2022


~We share our planet with amazing animals, such as bioluminescent fireflies and anglerfish, fluorescent frogs and flying squirrels, which shine and sparkle and glitter with light. Learn how and why they glow, and discover that you have more in common with these dazzling creatures than you might expect… ~ I loved this book! It was pretty short so only took me about 30 min to read but it was great! I already knew what bioluminescence and biofluorescence were, but I still learned new things from the book like the fact that platypuses are biofluorescent too! I didn’t know that! The book teaches you about both land and sea creatures that can glow in the dark! If you read this book you’ll learn all about deep sea creatures with their little light…. As well as Japanese fireflies, new world flying squirrels, the New Zealand glowworm, and more! I recommend this book to anyone over 6 who likes animals and wants to learn more about how and why they glow in the dark like a glow stick! I really enjoyed this book! It’s really good! :) Happy exploring! Xx

Director Tulip Armchair 27.07.2022


I would recommend this book. It is a very good book where you learn about bioluminescence and biofluoresence. It interested me because it has my favourite animal on the front and I didn’t know much about the topic.

Judge Tyler Sparrow 26.07.2022


I like this book because its talking about facts about sea animals or walking animals that glowing in the dark my favorite glow in dark animal is japanese firefly

Master Race-car Legend 25.07.2022


I like this book

Dona Cilla Volcano 22.07.2022



Duchess Bunny Submarine 21.07.2022


I enjoyed this book, I have learnt a lot from it.

Baron Bruno Frankfurter 05.07.2022

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