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Beetles for Breakfast: ... and Other Weird and Wonderful Ways To Save The Planet

Madeleine Finlay, Jisu Choi

Beetles for Breakfast: ... and Other Weird and Wonderful Ways To Save The Planet


  • Facts & Information - lists, stats and plenty of facts

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6 reviews

We all know the effects that climate change and global warming are having on our planet - but what about the strange, and often bizarre ways scientists are working to find practical and imaginative answers to these big problems?



This book was very interesting. The facts were in small sections which made it easy to read.

Commander Flash Elephant 25.08.2022


i enjoyed reading this book with my brother it was interesting

Princess Jewel Jellybaby 17.08.2022


I really liked this one. It had loads of stuff in it. It was really interesting. My favourite bit was how all of the food looked like bugs.

Principal Blossom Moonlight 15.08.2022


I liked it because it tells me new things we can do to save the planet. Yes I’d recommend it.

Sir Bart Bookmark 15.08.2022


Not very interesting and itz a wierd book to read about.i wpuldnt recommend it to another person.(its factual).

Baron Poseidon Lanzarote 14.08.2022


It was a little funny It was really disgusting when he was eating the beetles No the person I liked was willow No it not funny

Queen Fandango Pumpernickel 10.08.2022

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