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Marie Curie Graphic Novel

P I KIds, Kaara Kallen,​ Rosie Baker

Marie Curie Graphic Novel


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4 out 5

39 reviews

Marie Curie was the brilliant, trailblazing scientist who discovered radium and coined the term radioactivity. She is the only woman ever awarded two Nobel Prizes–one in physics and one in chemistry. She helped develop the use of X-rays and radiation therapies that have had a lasting impact on medicine and human health. This is her story.



It is a non fiction book. My favourite character is Marie Curie. I would recommend this to anyone who likes history.

Anonymous 04.09.2023


It was good

Captain Ice-T Hammersmith 13.08.2023


soooo good interesting

General Agnetha Volcano 15.07.2023


I think Marie Curie was a brilliant lady.

Empress Jewel Gormenghast 04.09.2022


This book inspires people to achieve marie curie's successful life to acheive success from her whole life, this book also helps us to learn about history and how women were treated in the past.

Senorita Jet Flattery 17.08.2022


This story was about Marie Curie and her science discoveries.She discovered Radium and Polonium and earned her doctorate of science degree.She named the element after her beloved country Poland.I liked this story because it has a lot of information about how elements were discovered and also how Marie curie received Nobel prize. I would recommend this book to people who love science and graphic novels.

Princess Bernice Sudoku 14.08.2022


I liked this book I would recommend this book to a friend

Princess Ariel Dalmatian 10.08.2022


It was a non fiction book. I like the character Marie Curie the best. It interest me the fact she was curious her Nik name was Curie . Yes I would recommend this book to someone else.

Principal Ariel Astronomical 24.07.2022


It was really interesting.

General Diamond Bookmark 21.07.2022


very nice book to read

Anonymous 11.07.2022



Anonymous 25.06.2022


I like it because it is where a girl called Marie makes interesting discoveries because she is a scientist.

Queen June Owl 05.10.2021


abit too hard

Inspector Raccoon Endeavour 10.09.2021


I gave it a 4 because it had a lot of fun exciting things happing in it such as why Marie Curie became a famous scientist and that radiation can kill you and Marie Curie I liked the best because she did so many good things and her husband to but over all her . It was also very factual and it was nonfiction.

Marshal Nectarine Fink 02.09.2021


It was very sciency.

King Carnaby Mystery 31.08.2021


I liked it because it showed the effort of what she had to do get become a sciencetist and what she founded.

Anonymous 27.08.2021


Sad but true

Lady Orchid Hedgehog 23.08.2021


The cover makes you think about what will happen and what she will do ...

Anonymous 14.08.2021


Cute drawings and interesting story, this book is perfect! :)

Princess Flopsy Spaghetti-Hoops 12.08.2021


I liked the graphic novel , short but very factual.

Viscount Chilli Paddington 12.08.2021