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Night Sky

Rola Shaw, Lara Hawthorne

Night Sky


  • Facts & Information - lists, stats and plenty of facts
  • History Time - blasts from the past
  • Facts & Information - lists, stats and plenty of facts
  • Facts & Information - lists, stats and plenty of facts
  • Facts & Information - lists, stats and plenty of facts

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4 out 5

17 reviews

What stories, mysteries and secrets can you find in the stars? A wonderful illustrated tour of the night sky for children aged 5+ years. Lara Hawthorne's beautiful illustrations take the reader on one of the most fascinating journeys that humankind has ever made and one that is common to us all. From ancient Egyptians building the pyramids, to early Polynesian sailors criss-crossing the Pacific Ocean, and astronauts travelling into space, the night sky has guided and inspired people across the world, and throughout time. Now it’s your turn to look to the skies and discover the mysteries they hide. For fans of Usborne’s Big Books of Stars and Planets and Dr Emily Grossman’s World-Whizzing Facts!



i really like this non fiction. it had a good amount of facts but no too much reading

Coach Peanuts Moonlight 01.09.2023


I liked the stars but it had too many pages

Lord Rapper Volcano 26.08.2023


I’ve learnt a new star which is in the sky. It looks like a person with a fire next to them.

Captain Morgana Volcano 09.01.2023


Amazing book, it has a lot of information about the stars, they helped lots of people, even animals to guide them, history has a lot to do with this as well

Doctor Lacey Windchime 28.09.2022


Amazing book! Factual!

Anonymous 04.09.2022


Very interesting!

Dame Beany Rollercoaster 03.09.2022


I liked that this books talks about history, my favourite subject. I really enjoyed reading about the Egyptians the most. This term we will learn more about the Egyptians and I will probably read this book again.

Anonymous 02.09.2022


I would recommend this to someone else. It was a non-fiction book. It was an amazing book to read. It was very interesting book to read. I saw lots of constellations.

Duchess Blossom Sudoku 17.08.2022


I thought this book was really good and interesting. My favourite part was about the pyramids of giza as I like looking back in time and seeing how people lived and used the stars then. I loved the interesting words the author used which reminded me of a poem. I would recommend it to anybody.

Madam Sunny Flattery 16.08.2022


This book interested me because it taught me about things I didn’t know like what an asterism is and about stars.

Princess Tulip Colly-Wobbles 14.08.2022


Nice colourful book. It says all about stars and planets etc. The book also shows how stars are named. It explains how to watch the stars in night sky.

Chief Sketch Squirrel 13.08.2022


It was a good book I really liked. I like the book because some of it was about planets and some of it was about the a country.

Baroness Tulip Manatee 09.08.2022


I liked seeing the constellations in the book.

Anonymous 09.08.2022


It was amazing and I liked learning about the stars. Yes I would recommend it to someone else.

Anonymous 08.08.2022


About the sky and stars

Principal July Foxtail 06.08.2022


I would recommend this book to someone if they was interested in learning about stars and the sky. It was interesting to learn about the stars and the different constellations.

Officer Esmerelda Tyrannosaurus 23.07.2022


I really liked this book! I must say it is for slightly younger children then me (perfect for 6-9 year olds!) and I didn’t expect it to be this short and have much more illustrations rather then text… but it’s ok as I still liked it! I read it in about 30 min but if your a bit younger (I’m 12) it may take you a bit longer. Overall the book is great! It teaches you about astronomy and how even thousands of years ago people still studied the stars and used them to navigate. It also talks a lot about different constellations and how animals use the stars to migrate and find their way basically. Sailors used the stars too even before compasses were created. And did you know that thousands of years ago there wasn’t such thing as a calendar or clock so people used the stars to know what season it is so they can plant stuff at the right time? It really is fascinating! If you read this book you’ll learn many more fascinating facts about our Night Sky. I recommend this book, it’s really good! Happy space exploration! Xx

Director Tulip Armchair 22.07.2022

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