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Leonardo da Vinci's Life of Invention

Jake Williams

Leonardo da Vinci's Life of Invention


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Immerse yourself in the world of the spellbinding genius Leonardo da Vinci, master of art, architecture, engineering, mathematics and more. From his futuristic inventions to the breadth of his artistic skill, discover the fascinating life and legacy of the Renaissance man.



Leonardo Da Vinci’s talents had no bounds. From art, to engineering. Music, to the natural world. His inventions included helicopters, parachutes, a diving suit, and robot knights. His artworks were unrivalled and include the most famous painting in the world, The Mona Lisa. Get sucked into this wonderful celebration of his life and learn all about this amazing artist, inventor, musician, astronomer, architect, and natural world enthusiast! I loved this book! It’s a biography about the famous artist, inventor, and natural enthusiast, Leonardo Da Vinci. It really sums up Da Vinci and his many talents. I got it from the library as I’m actually doing him in school right now and thought it would be a perfect read. I already knew some of the things but I also learned many new things from the book! I never knew Da Vinci was an astronomer too! He discovered a thing called ‘Planetshine’ which is basically how the moon shines because of the sun’s light reflected off of Earth. You’ll learn more about it though if you read this book! I recommend this book! It’s really good! :) Happy discovering! Xx

Director Tulip Armchair 10.08.2022


Leoarndo da vinci is my favourite artist i love the mona lisa

Duchess Petunia Foxtail 26.07.2022


I loved the book I think Leonardo is a smart man

Anonymous 21.07.2022


It gives me facts about da Vinci

Anonymous 14.07.2022


I don't know if I would recommend it because I like more storylike non-fiction

Dame Magnolia Bungalow 01.06.2022