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Pedro the Puerto Rican Parrot

Beverly Jatwani, Sunita Chawdhary

Pedro the Puerto Rican Parrot


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4 out 5

21 reviews

Pedro the Puerto Rican Parrot is the first book in the Together We Can Change The World series. Each book highlights a fundamental core value, whilst simultaneously encouraging children's responsibility towards Planet Earth. The books' protagonist are an endangered or threatened species from each continent. In the first book in the series, it is love that can change the world. Dominic takes Pedro the parrot under his wing, nursing him back to health, before releasing him back into the wild.



i love this book

Queen Bunny Jumpsuit 06.08.2022


I think it had too many words. It was interesting. I liked the activities.

Master Raccoon Scratchings 03.08.2022


Read the book and completed the Maze activity

Marshal Tulip Pendragon 03.09.2021


Loved the book and enjoyed the fun activities

Professor Sandwich Pumpernickel 03.09.2021


everybody front page yes

Anonymous 02.09.2021


This was a really good book about a parrot with a sore wing ans a little boy who looked after the parrot untill he was better he fed the parrot and changed his bandage untill the parrot was better again to be let into the wild. The little boy was sad but happy to let him free

Dona Pansy Ketchup 31.08.2021


It’s quite imaginative

Empress Petunia Teabag 28.08.2021


ugly duckling

Anonymous 11.08.2021


Taylor said she likes the book, even if she loves something so bad but will let them go if its good for them.

Madam Pinky Slingshot 08.08.2021


Lovely book and story

Queen Morgana Scratchings 03.08.2021


I love how the parrot got better and how Dominic and the parrot loved eachother.

Queen Rapunzel Pineapple 02.08.2021


My favourite part is when Dominic’s mother adopted the Peurto rican parrot. It is fiction I liked Dominic and his parrot. They were best of friends. Yes I would recommend this book

Nurse Rose Ketchup 30.07.2021


I thought it was good because it was about animals yes I would recommed

Nurse Gargoyle Costa-Rica 30.07.2021


I am curious about the rainforest and I have a rainforest science kit so reading this book helped me learn how important it is too look after the rainforest for the animals

Coach Quicksand Chocolate-mousse 26.07.2021


I like this book because it’s about a parrot and I like parrots .

Anonymous 23.07.2021


Parrot flyed well

Anonymous 21.07.2021


Parrot habitat beening chooped by humans . I read that a kind parrot flew to a boy. I like the parrot because it is my favourite type of bird It interested me about that people chop the amazon rainforest. Yes

Major Burp Postage-Stamp 21.07.2021


I like Pedro.

Anonymous 20.07.2021


Pedro is a Puerto Rican Parrot

Marshal Tulip Borchester-Smythe 19.07.2021


I like Pedro.

Senor Snoopy Turkey 11.07.2021