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Harley Hitch and the Iron Forest

Vashti Hardy, George Ermos

Harley Hitch and the Iron Forest


  • Fantasy Worlds - awesome adventures of magic and mystery
  • Action Adventures - chills, thrills and plenty of spills
  • Friends & Family - tears and laughter, and happy ever after

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4 out 5

43 reviews

  A highly illustrated fiction series about a determined young inventor, from award-winning author Vashti Hardy. ""A joyful mash-up of robots, conservationism and school story"" - The Guardian Join Harley, her robot dog Sprocket and best friend Cosmo for problem-solving adventures and mysteries in Inventia, a world where science rules and technology grows in the forest; and where exploding science projects, giant slugs and runaway robots are all part of a normal school day. The Iron Forest near Harley’s home is unlike any other – plants and trees grow cogs and hinges and other mechanical parts – and all of Inventia depends on it. So when a strange fungus is discovered, there’s a race to find a solution. Without essential parts for inventions, the town is quickly falling apart… But just who or what is behind the mysterious infestation? Harley decides it’s up to her to save the day – with chaotic results! Perfect for fans of Amelia Fang and Isadora Moon, this is a rollicking adventure that celebrates STEM learning! Heavily illustrated with lively, humourous illustrations by George Ermos Vashti Hardy is an award-winning author of children’s books. Her novel Wildspark won the Blue Peter Book Award for Best Story 2020, and Brightstorm was shortlisted for the Waterstone’s Children’s Book Prize



I think it was good because there was a lot of adventure and investigating. There was a fungus in the iron forest which they decided to solve with a giant slug but that didn’t work. So they put a special medicine on it and the slugs ate it.

Anonymous 19.02.2024


one of the best books in the world definetly recommened i started the same day as my class and raced ahead in two days

Anonymous 18.12.2023


I loved the books.

Prince Gator Costa-Rica 16.09.2023


I liked when they got the giant slug and when they caught it again.

Princess Magnolia Teacup 12.08.2023


It’s really sci fi and has tons of information. I like it being science like and the way they use the characters is quite good.

Professor Jiminy Astronomical 19.07.2023


I absolutely loved this book as its full of robots, inventions, mystery and adventure. My favourite characters were Harley Hitch and Cosmo Willoughby because they were good at solving problems and inventing things. I would recommend this book to others as it is creative and inspiring.

Princess Honeycomb Astronomical 23.09.2022


It’s quite similar to Harry Potter in lots of ways. The children go to Cogwarts and travel on the Cogwarts Express but instead of magic they do engineering.

Princess Pansy Slingshot 10.09.2022


The book is very funny. Especially the giant slug which was created by using grandpa Eden's supergrow. It was later placed in an enclosure. It is also filled with interesting facts.

Anonymous 08.09.2022


Quite good, exciting read, mysterious.

Dona Hopscotch Nuggets 04.09.2022


I love this book. I read this book in school. I like how she has different colour hair in each book.The illustrations are really good.

Nurse Rose Flattery 30.08.2022


I liked it because it had quite some description and action and it sucked me in very much

Senor Geronimo Volcano 25.08.2022


This was a brilliant book! My favourite part was when Harley and Cosmo gave a slug a growing potion and it grew to the size of a horse! I recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure stories.

Dona Jet Moonlight 25.08.2022


This book was ok. I liked it because there were some bits which were interesting and about robots. However, it was not that interesting a story in the end. I would recommend this book to people who like robots.

Senorita Candyfloss Pineapple 24.08.2022


I liked reading about how Harley met her friend Cosmo. My favourite character was Sprocket the dog because he's a very good robo-boy!

Judge Sloth Pawprint 22.08.2022


This book is about a girl, Harley, who has a metal dog built from things grown in the iron forest. The dog’s eyes can glow and this is useful in the dark iron forest. Harley has to stop the fungus growing in the forest. Can she do it? This is a great read!

Dona Rapunzel Heronimus 11.08.2022


Harley’s dog! I would recommend it to someone 8-9 years old!

Dame Rose Hungry-Hippo 11.08.2022


It is nice book

King Dobbin Quarantine 09.08.2022


I rated it 5 because it is really a interesting I can't write much but I can say it's good.

Queen Beryl Hoverboard 09.08.2022


I liked it when Harley oversized the slug. And I liked Harley's pet dog. I would recommend the book.

Sergeant Gargoyle Stegosaurus 07.08.2022


It was full of action adventure and twists

General Slide Chocolate-mousse 05.08.2022

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