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The Secret Explorers and the Missing Scientist

SJ King

The Secret Explorers and the Missing Scientist


  • Fantasy Worlds - awesome adventures of magic and mystery

Average rating

4 out 5

14 reviews



I would recomend this book to someone who loves adventure mission and exploring. I love the Character Ki Ki because she have chracter of what I would like to be.

Princess Iggy Legend 08.02.2024


Because we got to find out about Dr Mikkelson and the crevasse

Doctor Daffodil Pineapple 30.08.2023


It was a good adventure because they had to solve problems and stop the ship sinking!!

Anonymous 28.08.2023


Nice read this

Inspector Sketch Dangerous 15.08.2023


I Liked when they found the missing Scientist and they got

Mademoiselle Iggy Menace 31.07.2023


I liked this book because it taught me quite a lot about the snowy mountains and why it is a bit dangerous on the ice.

Empress July Glitterball 04.10.2022


It was really nice to read this story about people helping each other. It’s fiction and I liked Kiki the best because she had most of the ideas. I would recommend it to my friends because they also like people helping each other.

Anonymous 02.09.2022


It was interesting because when a girl touched a thing she turns to an explorer. She then went with her friends to exciting missions to save a scientist. I would recommend this to anyone.

General Bunny Snivel 02.09.2022


I liked the characters Connor and Kiki because they were really helpful in the mission in trying to find Dr Miklesen the missing scientist. I enjoyed the quiz and the facts at the end of the book. I would recommend this book to my friends.

Sergeant Snoopy Spaghetti-Hoops 19.08.2022


I think this book is filled with action and emits good imagination for the mind. It has charming characters and is filled with facts about the arctic. I felt a bit worried when I read up to the part when Kiki and Connor found out that there was a polar bear on the loose. This story is somewhat cute in a way. I would definitely recommend this story to my friends.

Fairy Mistral Partridge 16.08.2022


Oh I Know there going to be spy 's

Officer Pansy Peanut-butter 09.08.2022


I love how the Beagle turned into a snowmobile.

Marshal Pirate Toothpaste 02.08.2022


Yes , I would because it is about the missing scientist and it makes u curious and nosy what would happen next .

Fairy Nectarine Pumpernickel 02.08.2022

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