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The Magic Ocean Slide: Playdate Adventures

Emma Beswetherick

The Magic Ocean Slide: Playdate Adventures


  • Action Adventures - chills, thrills and plenty of spills
  • Friends & Family - tears and laughter, and happy ever after
  • Facts & Information - lists, stats and plenty of facts
  • Facts & Information - lists, stats and plenty of facts

Average rating

4 out 5

61 reviews

Join best friends Katy, Cassie and Zia on a series of amazing adventures as they work together to save the planet… On the hottest day of the year, the friends imagine a water slide coming out of Katy's bedroom window. As they plunge into an underwater world, they can't wait to explore. But when they meet a dolphin in distress, they realise the ocean is in big trouble. It's so full of plastic that the sea creatures have been forced to flee their homes. Can the friends come up with a plan to put things right?



It's good because they managed to save the ocean .

Mademoiselle Bubbles Pudding-Basin 02.09.2023


This book was a fiction book and liked it because it was all about saving the ocean and going down a fun magical slide. They also turn in to mermaids and can breathe under water! :)

Officer Tropical Palm-tree 05.08.2023



Director Phoenix Mystery 04.09.2022


I liked the cat that could speak! The plot was very interesting and very

Lady Rapunzel Washington 04.09.2022


This was a bit too big and long for me. I might try again when I am older.

Sir Itchy Frozen-Peas 30.08.2022


They find a dolphin!

Marshal Leach Sunshine 23.08.2022


The most interesting part is when the cat talked and the could breathe underwater

Captain Jet Paperclip 17.08.2022


For me this was a pain to read. You might like it if your younger than me, but for me it was slightly boring. To finish I'd like to say that I would only recommend this book to children age 5-8.

Fairy Heroica Rollerskate 16.08.2022


I liked the way the girls worked as a team to save the dolphins and animals in the sea. It was a really good book to help you understand about rubbish in the sea and what it can do to the sea life and what we need to do to help.

Officer Sunny Peninsula 11.08.2022


1.I thought it would be a bit more exciting I was decent to me. 2.I would like the book to be a bit thinner so you don't get bored of reading the book so I will not get bored of reading. 3.I would like it to be the dog. 4.It would give me interest because it like your in a mythical world that you would like. Yeh probably my school friends.

Professor Hank Sherbet 10.08.2022


I liked the story because it is talking about the environment - the litter in the sea,

Captain Sapphire Quarantine 30.07.2022


Not as good as the other books I've read so far but I still liked it

Judge Petronella Piano-key 24.07.2022


It is a lovely, magical and fun story. When I was reading I felt like I was in the story with Katy and her friends especially when they were in the ocean. I am proud of Katy and her friends and wish I could have magical powers to rescue the sea creatures and clean up the ocean like them . I really liked Thunder, Katy's cat because it was fun that he could talk when he was in the ocean. Also, I was excited because end of the book tells how I can plan my own adventure and learned some interesting facts about the oceans.

Senorita Candyfloss Sequins 18.02.2022


It was like i had fun when i was in the sea.

Chief Binky Windchime 22.01.2022


I liked how us think about plastic in the water

Princess Blossom Bucket 15.01.2022


I really liked the slide in it

Empress Flossy Sunshine 12.12.2021


I want to ride this slide

Director Kangaroo Cuckoo-Clock 19.09.2021


The story starts off by a girl called katy during the start of the summer holidays and wants to meet a friend. She draws a picture of a water slide going into the ocean then suddenly is magically transported into her picture. I enjoyed reading this book because it is all about helping the ocean animals by removing all the plastic and rubbish that gets tangled around them..

Captain Pinky Toothpaste 15.09.2021


This was a great book!

Professor Letizia O’Doughnut 04.09.2021


I have read the book, the magic ocean slide is great and making the words activity was great

Marshal Tulip Pendragon 03.09.2021