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Wigglesbottom Primary: Dino Chick

Pamela Butchart, Becka Moor

Wigglesbottom Primary: Dino Chick


  • Funny Stuff - rib ticklers to make you fall off your chair
  • Friends & Family - tears and laughter, and happy ever after

Average rating

4 out 5

54 reviews

The strangest things happen at Wigglesbottom Primary! When Year Two is chosen to look after some eggs that are about to hatch, they KNOW something is strange about one of them. What if it’s not a chick egg, but a DINOSAUR EGG???​ ​



The children are trying hatch eggs as a class project, but one of the eggs starts to look funny (green and purple) so they think it's going to be a dinosaur.

Principal Blueberry Stegosaurus 30.04.2022


I thought that the Dino chick was the best because I like dinosaurs and chicks are cute.

Count Snoopy Hoverboard 19.02.2022


not the best book but good kinda 1 out of 5

Princess Wanda Godzilla 06.01.2022


It was really funny when one of the chicks turned red.

Master Peanuts Quest 05.01.2022


This book was really funny. I enjoyed the different stories. I particularly liked the New Girl because it was funny how at the end they found out she was the head teacher's daughter and it was really funny how they did all the rule breaking things to cheer her up!

General Esmerelda Pudding-Basin 03.01.2022


It was soooooooo funny #I love reading!!!

Anonymous 05.10.2021


Really good and funny,

Earl Crocodile Washington 18.09.2021


I liked this book. It did not have as good describing words as other books we have read this summer! We did read all the short stories within one day though!

Countess Magnolia Chocolate-mousse 07.09.2021


Great lots of fun read in 3 nights yeah

Doctor Rip Hungry-Hippo 07.09.2021


I think it was really funny I loved the story the new girl or something

Queen Bunny O’Doughnut 04.09.2021


When the children get some chicken eggs in the class room one of them somehow goes lots of different colours. The children are shore that it’s a dinosaur egg. The children are determined to not annoy the Dino egg. Can the children find an explanation? I would certainly recommend this book as it is another mystery story which I really enjoy it’s light hearted and fun. A great book.

Senorita Fifi Pineapple 03.09.2021


Read it!!!!

Professor River Taramasalata 03.09.2021


I thought this book was very funny because one of the new girls dad was the headteacher of the school and the library was about to shut down so the girls friends made some cakes to raise money.

Captain Pinky Toothpaste 31.08.2021


I liked the head teachers daughter the best. I did not liked that chicjs eyes glowed.

Captain Cilla Elephant 29.08.2021


Great book. I like this book.

Captain Horatio Armadillo 27.08.2021


It was a good book but they could of had better sentence starters

Captain Pinky Jellybaby 27.08.2021


I liked all of the stories. The Dino chick one was a bit scary because the chick opened its beak and roared and its eyes glowed a bit red.

Baroness Iggy Washington 23.08.2021


It was very funny and surprising .My favourite person was Irfan Baxter.I would recommend this book to friends.

General Zeus Hammersmith 23.08.2021


I liked the chapter about the new girl because all the things they did to make her feel welcome were funny. I would recommend it to my friends going into Year 2!

Corporal Raccoon Bubble-wrap 21.08.2021


I liked this book as it had 3 story's in it . Dino chick was funny because the children thought they had a dinosaur egg, but it wasn't as someone had painted on the shell. The new girl made me think about when I started school and the cupcake caper made me want to eat cake.

Captain Kiki Hoverboard 20.08.2021