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The Weather Weaver

Tamsin Mori

The Weather Weaver


  • Fantasy Worlds - awesome adventures of magic and mystery

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5 out 5

46 reviews

11-year-old Stella has returned home to Shetland to spend the summer with her Grandpa, but it's nothing like she remembers. Grandpa is lost in his grief for Gran, the island is bleak and Stella feels trapped, until she encounters an old woman, Tamar, who can spin rainbows and call hurricanes. With the help of Nimbus, a feisty young storm cloud, Stella begins to learn the craft of weather weaving. But when her cloud brain-fogs Grandpa and The Haken (a sea witch) starts to close in, she realises that magic comes with big responsibilities. It will take all her heart and courage to face the coming storm...



This was a very - and I highlight very! - good book, particularly for me. It perfectly hits the nail on the head with the sort of book that I enjoy: set in a remote place in the real world where characters have adventures which may or may not take place in the real world but which are fantasy of sorts. This book was so wonderfully written with descriptive language used throughout and written in the eyes of Stella (the main character) without using first person, which is quite difficult to do in my opinion. The plot was exciting and while there were perils, the book felt at the same time as a 'happy novel' that I can read whenever I like and which still leaves me feeling happy at the end! Overall, a wonderful book which I would highly recommend.

Esquire Cornelius Piccalilli 08.08.2023


It was pretty good

Captain Switch Sudoku 02.08.2023


so magical

Coach Iguana Starlight 31.07.2023


Good book but needs to be more dramatic

Baroness June Sunshine 13.07.2023


Very good and interesting book but definitely not an easy read.

Empress Cynthia Bluebird 10.07.2023


A dramatic book and its own personal flare

Director Aphrodite Wellington 02.09.2022


The Weather Weaver is essentially a Moana tale for Shetland; a coming-of-age story, intertwined with island myths and hidden magic. At its heart, the novel tackles the following themes: independence, the meaning of home, and the fallibility of grown-ups. A spell-bounding story with a unique concept and fantastic protagonist. i would recommend this book to my friends

Madam Cupcake Luther 30.08.2022


Amazing book

Princess Viper Mozzarella 26.08.2022


This is a really good book! Magical, tense, mysterious and gripping! I just wanted to keep reading it! I loved Ninbus!

Queen Honeycomb Pinkerton 25.08.2022


It was a beautiful book Stella is 11 It is set in Shetland Nimbus Stella Harry Potter fans would like this book

Lady Pixie Porridge-Oats 23.08.2022


It’s super exiting and it’s amazing how Stella doesn’t like Nimbus (the cloud) and at the end gives every thing she’s got to protect Nimbus. Nimbus because it’s so cool all the moves it can use! Yes and it would be cool for others to know about it!

Anonymous 22.08.2022


I loved this book from start to finish it was incredibly magical and amazing a nd has given me a new understanding about clouds.

Fairy Rose Possum 07.08.2022


I like this book because Stella gets her cloud Nimbus My favourite characters were Stella, nimbus and Tamari It inspired me to never give up hope

General Tropical Mittens 24.07.2022


This book is my cup of rain, it was not sad it was funny and light hearted. I can not wait till more books bast on the Weather Weaver come out: go Tamsin Mori.

Anonymous 21.07.2022


this book is fun and exciting and great for a bedtime story. As stella travels to Shetland she finds she is a weather weaver. with her very own cloud nimbus will she beat the haken and her army before she is killed

Major Peanuts Spaghetti-Hoops 12.07.2022


I really enjoyed this book because it was magical. This book is fiction and the character I liked most was Tamar because she believed that getting a cloud was possible! I would recommend it for people who like Shetland magic and mysteries!!

Director Diamond Menace 03.04.2022


Stella is a great character because she is the main character and she is going to her Grandfathers by herself. It is exciting as she catches a cloud and make it angry and doesn't realise it is a storm cloud. I would recommend this book as it is good to read.

General Dragon Ridiculous 02.12.2021


It talkes about to of my favourite 2 things a rainbow and clouds

Countess Amazonia Costa-Rica 17.09.2021


I would recommend it to people who like magic and weather because there's lots of interesting things about them. My favourite character is Stella because she finds her own cloud and fights a sea witch. Read this book to find out what happens.

Fairy Pinky Luther 04.09.2021


I liked the cloud activity, labelling and the diary

Marshal Tulip Pendragon 03.09.2021