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Meet the Oceans

Caryl Hart, Bethan Woollvin

Meet the Oceans


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SPLOOOOSH! We're off on an exciting underwater adventure in our submarine to meet the oceans and seas of our blue planet. Join in with the rhymes and get ready to spot all the smiley-faced, friendly oceans, from the Atlantic and deep Pacific to the sparkling Mediterranean.



This book is about the oceans and gives information about them as well as what animals live there. I enjoyed this book as it is showing things we wouldn’t normally see. A fantastic, fabulous and fascinating book. My favourite part was the coral sea, it is east of Australia. I would certainly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in oceans or animals. A great book.

Senorita Fifi Pineapple 12.09.2021


It was a good book

Captain Jiminy Moonbeam 10.09.2021


I love reading about ocean creatures.

King Kipper Tinkle 06.09.2021


It is very very colourful picture book. Very informative about the oceans. Shows pictures of inside ocean. It also point out the current problem of increasing plastic waste in the ocean. Good book to read.

King Slide Archer 06.09.2021


This is great book that rhymes and shows you lovely pictures of the different types of oceans

Viscountess Iggy Tyrannosaurus 01.09.2021


Loved learning about all of the oceans. Lots of facts and pictures.

Captain Rapper Archway 31.08.2021


Because I like ocean

Prince Rip Manatee 31.08.2021



Chief Viktor Paddington 31.08.2021


It was a nice book because I love looking at the world. I learnt lots about the seas. I was interested in the book because the pages were all bright and colourful. I would recommend this book to my friends.

Lieutenant Chester Porridge-Oats 28.08.2021


Such a fun story everyone liked it

Anonymous 27.08.2021


I love learning about the sea. It's so interesting. Great book.

Countess Phoenix Vampire 27.08.2021


I liked the sea animals that were different in each ocean that they visited.

Master Grip Peninsula 24.08.2021


This was the only book on the Wild World Heros' reading list which I could find in the library. I love the story because it helped me learned about our oceans and seas. We have to look after them by reducing, re-using, recycling plastics and don't throw away plastic wastes into our oceans. I also learned that my favourite fish salmons live in the Atlantic ocean.

Senorita Candyfloss Sequins 23.08.2021


I loved learning about oceans

Baroness Daisy Birdbath 23.08.2021


I found this book helpful to learn and some interesting facts about the oceans and animals

Queen Heroica Tyrannosaurus 23.08.2021


It was good and told me lots of interesting things about the oceans of the world.

Constable Gargoyle Frozen-Peas 23.08.2021


It was good the learn about the animals that live in the ocean.

Professor Burp Bucket 21.08.2021


I liked that it rhymed making it more interesting to learn all about the different facts.

Lady Venus Bubble-wrap 21.08.2021


Very informative

Sergeant Quincy Nuggets 20.08.2021


I liked the Caribbean ocean best. It has good pictures. It has facts and is very enjoyable.

Dragon River Windchime 20.08.2021