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44 Tiny Acrobats

Sylvia Bishop, Ashley King

44 Tiny Acrobats


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5 out 5

13 reviews

When a circus comes to town, Betsy slips away to see the show. But so too do her forty-four mice! As chaos ensues, Betsy finds herself facing up to the odious ringmaster...



very nice indeed but my sis drawed on it and it looks weierd the pictures

Anonymous 30.01.2024


I loved this book and it was just so entertaining and I totaly recommend this book for other kids my age

Dame Nectarine Pawprint 08.09.2023


Help me this soo funy

Princess Angel Squirrel 30.08.2023


It wasn’t my favourite book in the world but I thought it was ok.

Fairy Phoenix Armadillo 27.08.2023


It was great

Baroness Blueberry Paddington 21.08.2023


I loved the book very much it was very interesting. I would love to recommend to Al the people who love reading.

Coach Magnolia Teabag 20.08.2023


This was an excellent choice,even though Mr Fry was a bit mean. I would reccomend this book to anyone who likes crazy animals!

Madam Kangaroo Bertrand 17.08.2023


I really enjoyed how the mice could do lots of stuff and it had a really happy ending

Doctor Bunny Squirrel 16.08.2023


I learnt that practice makes perfect

Officer Pansy Peanut-butter 03.08.2023


I like fictional so I like

Doctor Lacey Ridiculous 27.07.2023


I loved this book mainly because it showed the circus life. I thought the mice were outstanding and funny. I also loved the detailed drawings of the characters and settings.

Queen Beany Bungalow 23.07.2023


I liked this book because I didn't know what was coming next.

Mademoiselle Jet Sofa 16.07.2023


I think it’s amazing!

Princess Mildred Quagmire 10.07.2023

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