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Endangered Animals: And How You Can Help

Sam Hutchinson, Sarah Dennis

Endangered Animals: And How You Can Help


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4 out 5

20 reviews

From rainforests to deserts and polar regions to open oceans, read about living things that are extinct, those that are endangered and a handful that are even thriving. Then discover what you can do to help. Hope is not lost!



I really liked this book because it had lots of useful information especially about how to save some of the endangered animals.

Principal Petunia Starlight 08.12.2021


I have explored the endangered animals and the did the colouring.

Marshal Tulip Pendragon 03.09.2021


I have completed reading the book. I can see the animals which are in endangered species.

Professor Sandwich Pumpernickel 03.09.2021



Anonymous 11.08.2021


It is purely based on facts. Must read for everyone even adults. It tells us about the animals that are forever gone, those who are under threat and about the ones who have a stable population. It teaches us small changes can make big impact on these endangered species.

King Slide Archer 09.08.2021


Kind of good

Queen Petronella Fink 08.08.2021


I thought I would be good but it was not nice I found it quite boring and therefore won’t recommend it to is a non fiction but I don’t like it .1 star in my opinion

Constable Muscles Endeavour 24.07.2021


really engageable

Anonymous 19.07.2021


I thought that it was very interesting and helpful to know what animals needed to be saved where it lives. This book I read was non-fiction. What interested me is that lots of animals in different places could go extinct if we don’t help them. I really would recommend this book to others so they know where they live and how they can help as well.

Duchess Pinky Buffalo 17.07.2021


Endangered Animal Stories Book Cover 1. The Heart Of The Forest – An Orangutan Story In The Heart Of The Forest, Budi, a young Sumatran orangutan, has a strange feeling that something bad is going to happen to his rainforest home. He embarks on a quest to find a new place to live. During the course of his journey he meets many other rainforest animals… not all of whom are friendly. Will Budi succeed in his mission? What will he find waiting for him when he finally returns home? 2. Mother And Son – A Tiger Story Mother And Son tells the story of Darpan, a brave but reckless Bengal tiger. No longer a cub, Darpan is eager to prove himself to his fearsome parents. One night, the tigers encounter strange, talking apes deep in the jungle. The apes don’t seem dangerous, and the tigers are hungry… should they obey their instincts and take what should be an easy meal? 3. Escape from Lizard Gap – A Mountain Gorilla Story In Escape From Lizard Gap, young mountain gorilla Lutalo has to deal with the new silverback. What happens when he ventures into the terrifying Lizard Gap? 4. Search For A Sister – A Sea Turtle Story Written for young animal lovers, Tales From The Brink weaves information about the lives of the animals and the threats that they face into exciting, memorable storylines.

Corporal Natty Endeavour 17.07.2021


I would recommend but it's a bit boring

Captain Flopsy Spaceship 16.07.2021



Anonymous 14.07.2021


cool it talks about endangerded animals

Lady Lacey Legend 14.07.2021


It wast that intresting

Major Pongo Frankfurter 14.07.2021


I think it was very interesting but it could have coloured in picture.

Agent Panther Legend 13.07.2021


It’s all about animals and plants and nature which relates with adaptation,hope,

Principal Pinky Archway 12.07.2021


Gives us information about extinct animals and tell how to save endangered animals..

Anonymous 11.07.2021


I wouId recommend to my teacher because I like this book because we can help animals that there arn't much of.

Madam Pixie Manatee 11.07.2021



Director Candyfloss Birdbath 10.07.2021


I don't very much find this book interesting im very sorry!

Anonymous 04.07.2021

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